What Types of People are Capable of Encountering Divine Beings?


Divine Beings, Credits Unknown

Divine Beings, Credits Unknown


Anyone at any given time might have an encounter with a divine being. This can be done and is done in as many ways as one can imagine. When we consider divine beings making contact with humans, we must consider why they make contact.


Divine beings have a mission and because they are beings who have proved themselves to be the type of people capable of living in Paradise, they are extremely committed to the task. Generally, divine beings work with us from the inside, influencing us to make good choices. However because we all have free will, this can be a daunting task. There have been times in history where they have made themselves known as divine beings in all of their glory and there have been times, when they appear as almost anything from taxi drivers giving good advice to a fare or, to a stranger in a bar. Often their interaction goes unnoticed and without fanfare. They are less likely to make their presence known in modern times choosing instead to remain anonymous. They are more likely to make physical contact of a dramatic nature during primitive cycles but they do what they have to do, when they have to do it. Their resources and technology are without limit, so there is no scenario they can’t create in order to accomplish their mission.


Their mission is to guide societies or individuals in the direction of eternal community. They themselves, have lived many lives as well and have had victory over all of the challenges that God has placed in their paths with distinction and through their own effort, have become worthy of divinity. More specifically- they assist God, the first being, in helping others to accomplish what they themselves have accomplished in order to become members of this elite eternal community, Paradise! This is and has always been God’s plan for all of us.

Is Matter Energy Condensed and Do We Live in a World of Illusion?

Nikola Tesla's Quote

Nikola Tesla’s Quote

Question asked Regarding Quote by Nikola Tesla: 

Nikola Tesla, once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Matter is energy condensed to a slow vibration and we live in a world of illusion… is this correct?


Response by J.S. Thompson: 

The statement is accurate on one count but inaccurate on another.

Matter is energy but not condensed energy. Vibration and frequency is the same thing. So Tesla is close to the mark here but we are definitely not an illusion!

The problem with trying to define a very intricate multi-dimensional process with primitive contemporary scientific terms is problematic.

Some assume matter is condensed because we can perceive it but that’s not the case at all. The spacing and weight of the matter we do see is comparable to the matter we don’t see. One could say that science does not yet understand this; therefore, it’s just my theory.

However when we consider that the smallest particles of matter we can perceive are themselves made up of other particles and so on and so forth, it’s easy to presume we are an illusion but we must consider other possibilities. What we perceive or not, could be mistaken as an illusion but weight is another matter altogether. Even an illusion has weight.


Help Wanted

Help Wanted


This is a request for help from any of those that are so led… to assist in this endeavor to achieve a goal with an end result of getting J.S. Thompson’s knowledge and writings composed into a book, edited, published and marketed. His material is currently published as articles on our website…..


The information JS Thompson has learned on his journey of meditations and transferring his consciousness out there … needs to be told; it is necessary for each and every one of us on our journeys in our individual evolution to learn how to live as an eternal being. This is the goal of our Creator and therefore, each of us. Once those that do achieve this…. their next commitment becomes to help our other brothers and sisters do the same. Understand that there are others that have reached this divinity and have been out there teaching J.S. Thompson here on earth, to accomplish the same. The Paradise, that we all desire within will not exist until we are all there…. there are no short cuts; our Blessed Mother ~ Father ~ Parent ~ God ~ Creator ~ or Universe (use whatever term you’re most comfortable with, that is not important) will have it no other way… it goes against the law of physics and we cannot be happy or live in Paradise with peace in our heart if we have even one…. brother or sister that is still at the bottom of the mountain (so to speak)! The plan is perfect and it will happen! Question is, “Are you supposed to be a part of it?”

Is there going to be a Pole Shift?




Question posed by one of our website visitors:

Is there going to be a pole shift, seems everyone is talking about it. Thank you so much!



Response provided by J.S. Thompson as follows:

That’s a great question.

Yes… there is a pole shift occurring as we speak. We need to understand though that this does not happen all of a sudden, it happens a little bit at a time. Earth is like a clock with pieces that move with great precision. The poles move a little bit every second, every day, every year, etc… so much. This motion is generally not dramatic. Look at the poles as if they were very slow moving hands of a clock.

Society on Earth Mirrors Life Out There

Leonardo da Vinci Room of Mirrors

Leonardo da Vinci Room of Mirrors


Question posed by one of our regular website visitors:

If we are here on earth to learn our lesson and move on to Solamenta after this process, why are there souls in Solamenta that are not at the “level” that is suitable for Solamenta. Why would they not return to earth to continue their learning also? Aren’t those in out there in Solamenta aware of this process on earth, aware of the higher level of spirituality that truly exists? Why would these people/souls still be partial to any religions that existed on our earth (I’m referring to your mention of demonic possession and how people in Solamenta communicate with us on earth and may or may not respond to particular religious beliefs based upon their own personal beliefs)? As I understand from your website and what I have read, it would be a logical to assume “religion” would be discarded once we arrive back out there, as well as, implying that there would be atheists in out there Solamenta does not make sense to me either. I firmly believe in a scenario of life, god, and all the rest to be close to your description, but some of your information is inconsistent or of contradiction. I don’t feel the need to quote and I am not attacking your information by any means. I would simply like to better understand your information or to further your knowledge.


Response provided by J.S. Thompson as follows:

Great questions!

When we leave the planet, nothing changes within us. We arrive there solamenta the same people that left the earth. Death does not enlighten us; however, there is one thing that we are instantly aware of; “we did not die”! This new knowledge fits quickly into the natural order of life and we go about the next challenges that we face there, solamenta.

I refer to the place where we go when we die as solamenta, because this is how my guides refer to it but other groups may call it another word, such as “procreatos” and there are as many words to describe the hereafter as there are different groups of people who live and work there. Just like on the earth, when we leave, we return to a group which is much like we are.

A Medium’s Letter to all GHOST HUNTERS



Dear Ghost Hunters,


I don’t remember ever watching a reality TV show before tonight but as I thumbed through the channels looking for a movie, I came across your TV show called “The Ghost Hunters”. I must admit, at first, I suspected it would be hokey. I enjoyed it so much that I watched the remainder of that episode and watched the next.

I am a mystic that communicates with those out there and I have been talking to these beings that we, here on earth, call ghosts and confronting them for years, as well as those we call demons. Not to sound arrogant, but I have done the work required and there is not much I don’t know about both. However, it is a lonely thing I do and it is always good to see others who walk the same path. I do believe you are sincere in your endeavors and God bless you for what you do.

That being said, there is a great deal about these beings you seek out, that most everyone on earth does not understand. I would like to share my knowledge and try to enlighten you, but before you can learn or hope to understand about this paranormal activity orchestrated by those who do this from the other side (maybe better said, out there where we all return to when we leave earth), you will need to put away your established beliefs that you may have regarding demons and ghosts. From what I’ve seen, there is still a great deal of wrong thinking about who these people are and they are people, just like you and me.

However, like people everywhere, there are those who try to live right and follow the rules and there are those who do not; whether here on earth or out there. There are those who truly want the best for others and there are those who do not. Even more difficult to understand, there are those who believe themselves to be doing the right thing but are not. To this day, there are many, here on earth that believes when we die here on earth, we automatically become an angel and go somewhere out there to a place called Heaven. Nothing could be further from the truth; I can assure you that when we leave earth and whatever issues or challenges we did not individually overcome as we were supposed to this time on earth…. we return and arrive back out there the same person as when we left. Therefore, it’s not too difficult to understand that if someone has evil tendencies or just up to no good while here on earth and these challenges are not overcome, those beings will still have these issues to resolve someday when they finally make the choice to see themselves for who they truly are! It’s not a matter of if this will happen for them or all of us for that matter, but a matter of when; there’s no getting around this; it’s just a matter of individual’s choice of how long they may delay their journey!

Will Aliens make contact with us soon?

Will Aliens make contact with us? Credits Unknown

Will Aliens make contact with us? Credits Unknown

Question posed by one of our website visitors:

Will Aliens make contact with us soon?


Response provided by “J.S. Thompson-Mystic” as follows:

No…..Aliens will never make contact with the people of earth, not as a society anyway. They do and will continue however to make contact with individuals.

We, here on the earth, live under the false assumption that we are mortal. We often believe that we will not die, we often hope that we will not die but most of us never know for sure if we will die or not. The place we go when we leave the earth is the very same place we came from before we came to earth. This place that we go when we leave the earth, is a place of advanced technology. The entire process which takes us from cells to babies to adults is not a random biological process; it is a highly sophisticated and computerized process; a process that was developed by man!!! Why; because immortality is difficult, because the smallest imperfection in our character begins to destroy us in time. We must have a way as immortal beings of starting over. When we make the choice to be reborn, to reincarnate, when the opportunity presents itself, we must enter an environment where we are ignorant of our immortal roots. When we come to earth, we are vulnerable, teachable, and completely under the control of others. This cannot be done where we come from. When we come to earth, we come with an entire staff of experts who are supposed to stay with us from birth to death. These are our guides and they are equipped with very advanced technology which is used to monitor us and to communicate with us the entire time we are here.

Considering what I just said it is irrational to think that anyone there would spoil the secret for all of us, as well as for them when it is their time to come down. That being said, only one question remains; why do they make contact with some individuals and not all of us as a society?

Our personal growth, evolution or transformation, is an individual effort, not a social effort. The group think of society… is a being which is heartless, soulless, ignorant, dishonest and cruel.

Secrecy, Who are Extraterrestrials and Why are They Contacting Us?

Why are they Contacting Us

Why are they Contacting Us


Question posed by website visitor with respect to previous articles written by J.S. Thompson’s articles:

You have covered several if not all of the questions I have previously asked. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and also, the information provided on the purpose and pressure of the universe.

I guess everything related to the meaning of secret or private really goes along way because of how long these advanced beings and aliens have been around and it will probably come out about them as the entire alien life living underground and outer space has already come to the public eye. Other countries including Mexico and England that have actually released all of their top secret UFO cases publicly really explain a lot. We have been prisoners of our very own government for decades/centuries, but I think if all of their Top Secret reports were released publicly, we would be able to handle and control it seeing how we have in the past, which will be my following questions on this new topic I just brought up. Why would the Ancient people leave all of this behind for everyone to see if it’s such a big secret between countries and governments?

I’ve seen many YouTube videos, one where it stated there were these super humans called Gods from other planets but the height and power these Gods had is hard to believe. This was Ancient as well but just curious about your take on that. Were there Gods as tall as buildings with enough power to be called Gods? Did they exist in the past? Philip Schneider has a lot of videos online stating there are plenty of Alien Greys living underground where he has interacted with them and even killed them.

One other thing, There are allot of crop circles all over London in different type of fields. One of the crop circles even had a face with it but the main importance’s are the messages left behind. What are these advanced beings (aliens) trying to tell us? Is it the fact that they are real? They are smart enough to know that we know they are real and are here so why leave behind messages and clues of their existence?


Response provided by “J.S. Thompson-Mystic” as follows:

Your First question deals with secrecy;

Why do Advanced Beings (Aliens) fear us if they are so intelligent?

Some Advanced Beings Live Below Earth's Surface

Some Advanced Beings Live Below Earth’s Surface


Question posed by website visitor… with respect to one of J.S. Thompson’s articles “Do Advanced Beings or Aliens Live Underground”:

After reading your article…. It sounds as if you are typically saying that these supposedly smart people live under ground because they are nerds that are going to define or create our future for us, but yet they are afraid of us because they are the worlds smartest, but half human half mortal beings living underground because they are afraid of us? Why are they afraid of us? We aren’t going to steal their brains to replace with ours, we aren’t going to kill them because they are nerds. Only reason I think of why they are afraid of us is because if we know they are somewhat involved in underground activity, possibly alien connected or any related connection, we will simply force any kind of information out of them forcing their lives into danger, point blank???


Response provided by “J.S. Thompson-Mystic” as follows:

First, thanks for your question! The advanced beings (those many call aliens) that live below us can hardly be classified as smart. It appears you might have taken what I wrote out of context. It is however, a very convoluted story and easy to take out of context, so let me see if I can straighten this out.

Those who live below us, are advanced beings (advanced does not mean enlightened) in as much as, using my definition of advanced, meaning, have developed and have access to other dimensional technology. Advanced and smart are not the same thing. There are scientists who have developed technology who are morons and there are those considered primitive by these scientists who might be brilliant. True intelligence, is a matter of how much one can understand and implement in their lives those things that lead to true immortality. The beings referred to here have done just the opposite. These beings are quite stupid!

We learn through struggle. Modern societies and particularly advanced societies no longer struggle, at least not with survival. Modern societies such as the one we live in here on the earth are already experiencing intellectual decline because of technology and this will continue until we also, are complete morons who have lost a grip on reality.

Wanting to Leave a Long Term Relationship

Soul Searching for Answers

Soul Searching for Answers



Question posed by website visitor as follows:

I am having such a hard time leaving a long term relationship. I know we both have deep love for each other after 14 almost 15 years together but it hurts me terribly to think of hurting him so profoundly & changing his life. I don’t know how to get the courage to do what I need to for my own personal growth. I have heard if it feels wrong don’t do it but I also hear a person doesn’t truly live unless you leave your comfort zone. Feeling stuck….. how can I make this decision to move on? Much love & Many Blessings


Response provided by “J.S. Thompson-Mystic” as follows:

Leaving a difficult relationship is generally not the best policy. Reconsider your desire to leave. You say you have profound love for one another… that is rare indeed. The conflict inside of you will not be won if you leave. If you leave, the conflict inside of you will still be there, because it isn’t the relationship that is causing you to feel you need to move on.

What about the Christ’s Letters?

~Christ's Returns~ Bookcover Art

~Christ’s Returns~ Bookcover Art


Questions posed by website visitor as follows:

Hello my friend hoping your well? I was wondering what was JS’s take on the Christ letters if he’s read them.


Response provided by “J.S. Thompson-Mystic” as follows:

I haven’t read them but I saw a video on the computer which explains to me what is happening and I’m glad to give you my take on these writings.

The person who is channeling Christ is very sincere and what she is doing is blessed.

I do not channel but, I have channeled. I know what is involved when we channel, and I understand how it happens and the process which allows this type of communication.

Why are We Here?

Some one questioning our existence

Why are we here?


This is the question that man has been trying to find the answer to since the dawn of time and there is an answer. The answer is logical but it is not easy to explain. Those who have solved the riddle of our existence don’t do it by mysticism or magic. Neither God, nor our staff guides give us the answers but the answers are available to us, and they do come from God. God will teach us if we are willing to listen. When I use the term God, I am making reference to the “First Being”.

This journey begins with empty space void of planets, suns and beings. However, in the beginning, some light existed and that light is produced from friction, pressure, heat and the natural orbit of particles that exist like a sea. These particles have always existed in “natural space”. What we see when we look up into the sky on a starry night, is not natural space, but “altered space”. Contemporary scientists don’t understand natural space because they have never seen it, but it can be theorized with some common sense and logic; therefore, we need to understand the difference between natural space and altered space.