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Do advanced beings use multi-dimensional craft for the purpose of furthering their research of human DNA or how do they measure that kind of data?

Are claims of alien abductions possibly related to this?


Answers provided by J.S. Thompson….

Thanks for another outstanding question. These questions give me an opportunity to explain to those who are exploring, real answers obtained from my own personal observation as opposed to partial, conceived or theorized data. Granted the data is restricted to my own ability to explain and the foundation of knowledge that I have. It is my goal to dispel as many beliefs and inaccuracies as I can, so that the path might be made clearer and more defined for those who would follow me…

Advanced beings, as well as divine beings, use multi-dimensional craft. These craft, for a number of reasons and indeed, are efficient for the purposes of furthering their agendas. Both divine and advanced craft work in the same manner. Divine craft are different from advanced craft only in so much as, they are a great deal more efficient, faster, etc. than are what I refer to as advanced craft. So, when I refer to advanced craft in this way, I am talking about any craft that is multi-dimensional. 

Both divine beings and advanced beings use MD technology (multi-dimensional). Our own society will develop MD craft in the future. The biggest problems that current science has with regard to aero engineering is “thrust to weight ratio” and heat! Multi-dimensional craft solve both problems as the working parts within the craft, the parts of the thrusters that make contact with one another are in opposite dimensions. So, heat in these craft is not generated in atomic space but rather in quantum space or even sub quantum space. In other words, friction is not being generated in this dimension. Friction of these craft occurs within the electron conduit. The electron and the conduits which electrons orbit within are common to all dimensions. When we see an advanced craft, we only see the saucer shaped cabin area. What we don’t see are the huge thrusters, which are many times the size of the craft. The shape of the craft is also important as it matches, within a tolerance, a structure in space. When those craft fly, they fly within a conduit and their craft fits almost perfectly within this conduit. The closer the tolerance of the craft is to this structure in space, the more efficient and faster, etc…. it is. A good example could be a hose that is connected to a water source. The tighter the connection, the more pressure it can contain. The more pressure that can be produced the more efficient the hose becomes.

The electron conduit is like a hose that fits to a very precise tolerance. Just like in a water pipe, the smaller the pipe, the faster the water is pushed through it. When we talk about MD craft, we are talking about thrust that is generated at the Q. and SQ levels of space.

Both divine and advanced beings are interested in genetics. Our genes are like computers that contain information about who we are. Advanced beings need this information for many reasons. One reason is to track us from one life to the next. Our genes contain information that tells these beings how many lives we have left to live as well as recordings of our past lives. Everything we think, say and do is documented and recorded in our genes.

Advanced beings, although they have temporarily solved some issues regarding prolonged life, they have not completely solved the problems of immortality. This is what they seek. We humans on the planet’s surface have the answers to those questions, which are contained within our genes.  They monitor us when we die, when we return (if we do) and they are particularly curious about those who die and don’t return. When our genes reveal that we are supposed to return for another life and we don’t return, what happened to us, why didn’t we return?  Therefore, they continue to monitor us.  Maybe we’ll return later, etc. and maybe we won’t. Understanding why some do not return to the cycle of life and death is extremely important to them, their security and their survival.

When our genes say we have so many lives to live, free will comes into play. We are allotted so much time on the earth, but it is our own actions while we are here that determine whether we use all of it or not!

Advanced beings want to know who leaves for good and why they were allowed to stay out there. This is important for them because they want to match within themselves, the characteristics of those that don’t return.

Advanced beings are primitive with regard to divine beings. While divine beings are concerned with the evolution of all beings; advanced beings are concerned only with their own survival. Advanced beings want what divine beings have and it is their hope that they can develop the technologies that will allow them to be divine. The pathway to divinity for them is to become one of the divine by developing more advanced technology.

Advanced beings attempt to thwart technological advancement of our earth society by manipulating those who are in high positions in government and those in the scientific communities. They don’t want us to develop MD technologies that would allow them to tunnel to their bases far below the earth’s surface or to inhibit their space operations which take them all over our solar sector.

On the other hand divine beings want us to discover these things, because understanding MD technology is the first step in our quest for God and the technology that allowed God or our creator to do the things God did, to create us.

Just like humans do with beliefs and concepts about creation, advanced beings do with regard to their knowledge of the divine. Advanced beings know that divine beings exist and they want to be like them but they don’t know much about them. It is through the study of human genetics that the answers they seek will hopefully in the future, become clearer and allow them to progress toward divinity. However, this will not happen because there is only one way to divinity. Divinity is obtained when we develop the characteristics of those who are capable of living within an eternal society. Technology might help us understand how we were created but it doesn’t solve the problem of divinity.

Divinity cannot be synthesized! It has to be earned! Advanced beings will continue to attempt to synthesize divinity but this is a road to nowhere. Divine beings will never allow this to happen. So while, advanced beings manipulate us here on the earth, they themselves are being manipulated by divine beings, which talk to us all and guide us all toward a “common lasten” or a singular eternal community… Paradise!

There are two types of alien abductions. One results when advanced beings physically take us into a craft or transport us to an underground base, either to be tested or to promote their genetics programs of which there are many. Genetics programs seek to develop technology that will allow them to be both human and immortal. This is the age old problem of MD technology. Advanced beings have not solved this problem. Divine beings have!

The problem with the development of MD technology, in its early stages, it requires that many changes be done to our natural anatomy. All organs must be replaced with organs that work like an advanced craft works. In other words, all moving parts must be replaced with MD parts. In this way, heat is not generated at the atomic level of space; it is heat generated by the intake of oxygen that kills us. However, for them, it is not a perfect science. They still have many problems to solve. Their continued study of human genetics is a way for them to continue attempting to solve these problems. They use the human reproductive system to create surrogates because they no longer can reproduce. They use a number of things that humans are born with that they no longer have… human physiology. To utilize MD technology, they had to surrender many human physiological characteristics, in order to extend their lives.

Another type of abduction takes place in our minds, when we sleep. This is more often than not, done by those beings who are Solamenta. These are our guides or those who have our earth address. It is important to remember that all beings whether divine, advanced or just those who live “out there, Solamenta”, have all lived human lives. Just because we die doesn’t mean that we leave the planet as divine beings. All beings begin life as human beings! Solamenta beings are also looking for the answers to divinity. Great, great, Grandma and Grandpa Jones (example) are out there, sitting in a control room talking to us using an MD transmitter. When we leave the planet, in many respects we become like our advanced brothers and sisters seeking answers to divinity. When we are abducted in this way, we are not really being abducted but are given an impression of abduction, in order to illicit a number of reactions in us. Our guides do not physically take us away and experiment with us as the advanced beings do. Solamenta beings work with us thru our dream state. They are responsible for dreams as well as OBE’s and other mystical experiences. Advanced beings don’t have the technology to access this frequency. They would like to have it; however, they will never have it! When we die, we all have access to this MD technology. We often don’t understand it or how it works but it is used to aid in our evolution and whether those who operate it… know it or not, it is there for us as a product of divine technology. The divine beings that provide this technology to us when we leave the planet are as much a mystery to solamenta beings as they are to advanced beings.

While earth beings, advanced beings and solamenta beings walk the road to divinity; divine beings are watching us all and waiting for those who can overcome the challenges of life and in so doing, walk through the door of true immortality and true divinity!

Thank you for your questions and good luck in your journey…

J.S. Thompson


  1. May 30, 2011 at 11:24 am

    Thanks so much for your comment and feedback. If you are truly interested in this subject… you need to read all of our articles that make reference to “Advanced Beings” (which is probably about 90% of them/lol) due to these beings we here on earth call “Aliens” are not alien at all, but Advanced Beings. If you want a real shocker, read all of the (9) Bible Myth articles herein, regarding advanced beings and see if you find the treasure of truth or secret that has been hidden from mankind’s undeerstanding… since the Bible was written. Would love to know if you read them and what find. Send us an email in the contact form… I look forward to it! Once again, thanks for your awareness and openess in your journey of searching for truth! It may seem like a small thing but for each who is open to learning truth vs. their beliefs helps all of mankind in our evolution!

  2. question...
    June 23, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    A person who has been abducted in the ethereal plane can feel, smell anything or feel any cold temperature. Example: some aliens, most of them, have soft cold hands? What can you tell us about this? Also, why is it, that some UFOs can be follow a person where ever that person is going and transmit a friendly feeling? How do we know if they are advanced being or divine beings?

  3. June 24, 2011 at 8:05 am

    Great question!

    There are two types of abduction referred to as alien abduction. The first occurs in a dream state, a lucid dream state or an out of body experience. All three of these states are the same; the only variable that differs is the waking awareness level of the experience. This type of abduction constitutes an “other dimensional abduction” The other type of abduction occurs in this dimension and is no different than being abducted by other human beings that live with us on the earth.

    Advanced beings must change their physiology in order to utilize the technology that allows them extended longevity of life. This process requires them to synthesize all human organs. All sentient beings in the universe began as primitive humans. The body of the advanced beings does not use oxygen in the same way that we do. They don’t breath! Oxygen or lack of it, is the key element to prolonging life in the way that advanced beings do it. Oxygen slowly burns us up from the inside and eventually kills our human body. Advanced beings do not breathe and their body temperature is a great deal lower than ours. So, it would not be unusual for anyone who has touched the hand of an advanced being, to feel a hand much cooler than a human hand.

    With regard to how we experience our senses in another dimension, such as a dream, lucid dream or out of body, one must first understand what our senses are. Like all matter our senses are a result of frequency manipulation. When we are in one of these states, we experience our senses in a controlled environment. Taste, smell, hot and cold, etc. can be experiences just like we experience these sensations in this dimension; however, when we leave that state what we remember is manipulated as well. This manipulation is controlled by a very advanced computer.

    Advanced technology is a technology that is controlled by an advanced computer. This means that it is a technology that can substitute verbal expression for mental expression or otherwise referred to as telepathy. Good feelings, like matter can be manipulated by an advanced computer just like feelings of fear, ill ease or depression. All of these emotions can be manipulated.

    There is a great deal of difference between divine beings and advanced beings as I refer to the them. These two types of beings are separated by the levels of technology they possess and the eternal agendas that they pledge themselves to. Advanced beings became advanced because of technology advancements within their societies. Divine beings become divine because of their personal demonstration of character, commitment to truth and courage. These are the qualities necessary to become a member of an immortal community.

    Advanced beings live to perpetuate their own lives. Divine beings are committed to the evolution of all beings until we are all the type of people that can live in an immortal community. Advanced beings attempt to keep advanced technology away from the rest of us in order to keep us primitive while divine beings will eventually be able to share what they have learned in the only way they can. Divine beings facilitate our evolution.

    Both of these groups are very secretive as are all advanced beings. You would be more likely to see or interact with advanced beings here on the earth than you would a divine being. There is even another type of advanced being which I refer to as solamenta beings. These are the beings that we become when we leave the earth.

    There is not a being in the universe that is not a product of advanced technology. We are all advanced beings! When we die, we are transported to our other life in another dimension in the blinking of an eye as it has been described and I don’t disagree. This transition takes only a few seconds. We go from the hospital bed to our new lives out there very quickly and this transition is accomplished by an advanced computer. After we die, we become acquainted with advanced technology as soon as we arrive out there “solamenta”.

    The time we spend on the earth in life after life constitutes only a fraction of our immortal lives. In fact, our lives are but an initiation into advanced society! Our earth life’s give us the opportunity to become divine; to develop the characteristics necessary to leave the cycle of life and death and live and work within an immortal community.

    I appreciate your question… never stop asking questions; it is the only way we can learn.

    Good luck in your journey…
    J.S. Thompson

  4. June 26, 2011 at 10:36 am

    Thank you for your comment and for sharing this article… that is what we are here for, to get this information out to those who have interest! Feel free to shar all of our articles with any of your social sharing sites, or all of your friends and family that are truth seekers! Eternal blessings on your journey!

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