Am I On The Right Path?

Our Path

Our Path


God is always telling us which way to go, we hear her speaking to us too but most of the time, we don’t like what we’re hearing. The path to God leads upstream, against the current. Everything is a choice, God is always telling us the right way to go but God is also telling us the wrong way to go. Why would God do this to us?

In order for us to have the capability of evolution, we must have the freedom of choice, the freedom to listen to whichever voice we choose to guide us. Most people choose to take the path most traveled and so they float downstream with the rest of society, the “status quo” per se. The individual explorer does not listen to society, but to the voice within that speaks the greatest logic. It is the individualistic explorer that chooses to swim upstream against the current and in so doing becomes stronger than those who chose the easier path. We leave the cycle of life and death when we have become strong enough to live within an eternal community.

If you want to know, “am I following the right path”… ask yourself this question, “am I following the path of society with its crime, vice, poverty and ignorance or am I following the path of God which leads to divinity, true happiness and peace?” God puts obstacles in our path to overcome. It is our victory over these obstacles that makes us strong, which leads us in the direction of divinity. It is our failure to do so that leads us once again, back to the earth to repeat what we failed to overcome in our last.

Eventually all of us will be together in Paradise and we will go on to accomplish farther reaching objectives. It’s not about if we will obtain divinity but when we choose it. Let this be your last life on the earth. You know what to do, you hear God telling you the right path and you hear God telling you the wrong path. So…..which voice do you listen to?

I wish everyone the very best on their journey…

J.S. Thompson

2 comments for “Am I On The Right Path?

  1. October 4, 2012 at 8:49 am

    First, I need to apologize for the long delay in not responding in a timely manner; however, we experienced a problem with some of our DISQUE New Comments not showing up or sending out notifications to inform us that we had received one…..

    I appreciate your support. Logic is the key. We have to be leary of what we get off the internet or even what we read and here is the reason why: Most authors who write books are attempting to justify or rationalize their own view points. When you have a predetermined agenda to work towards, a person can justify just about anything. That is why we must use our own logic to determine which way to go. It is the open mind that learns truth. Keep reading and learning.

    Good luck on your journey….

  2. October 5, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    Thanks Merc… first, I need to apologize for the long delay in not responding in a timely manner; however, we experienced a problem with some of our DISQUE New Comments not showing up or sending out notifications to inform us that we had received one…..

    No one promised us a rose garden when we came here to the earth. We are here for a very specific reason; to learn how to live forever in an immortal society which is no easy task. That’s why we are here on the earth because the immortal societies we came from out there were too taxing for us to continue. Our earth lives give us an opportunity to begin again and hopefully overcome the weaknesses that made immortality difficult for us.

    Learning to live with pressure and anxiety is one of our most valuable lessons here. We all hear our guides talking to us to one level or another; the level to which we hear depends entirely on how motivated we are to learn and how well we have prepared. Continue to ask your guides for help. Thank them for their service. The jobs they do are extremely difficult! If your desire for transformation is sincere then they can begin the process of really helping you to transform and this is why we are here. However, transformation is not easy and so don’t expect a picnic. However, if leaving the cycle of life and death forever is important to you, then whatever needs to be done with you to learn… should be exactly what you need. Tell them…”do with me what you will make me the type of person that will no longer need to come to earth” and see what happens.

    Your guides knew you before you came to earth and they have been working with you ever since. They work very hard but which direction you go in spite of their prayers and the work they do for you is a choice you have to make. They can tell you inside what to do but you have to be willing to listen and to do what they tell you. Unfortunately, like good parents, they are often telling us to do things we don’t want to do and the final decision of what we do is entirely up to us. If we don’t listen to their good advice, there is always someone else waiting to influence us in another direction. Which group we go to when we leave the earth, is a choice we make! Always take the path of greatest resistance; it is the path of strength and character.

    You are absolutely right in your assessment…our lives on the earth are like a soap opera and they are like actors…..

    Thanks for your comment.
    Good luck on your journey…..
    J.S. Thompson

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