3 questions: I find your article interesting- I am wondering what your explanation for those “orbs” are. I saw a “set” of 5 orbs twice. I since read as much as I could, researched, tried to find out what exactly they are (reflections of something; a visual distortion caused by physics; extraterrestrials; something that is happening with the military; no answers anywhere- but lots of pictures of something similar to what I saw all over the internet posted by other observers all over the world. They came, stayed awhile, then left quite quickly- what are they? (I told my colleages at work, and another person who is an RN also saw them, so I know they are there-I saw them twice while going to work on the same road in approximate the same area) There should be something online somewhere that explains what the phenomenon is- especially if it happens all the time all over the world. Second question: what do I do about the fact that I can’t stand being human. (I’m not a nut- I’m being honest) There doesn’t really seem to be any authentic “divine” guidance” and I feel that I am left struggling to “advance” all by myself, with my failing, character defects, thinking errors, wisdom deficits, dull comprehension/cognitive abilities, etc…. now- seems like an impossible feat; but I can’t stand being where I am at- what is your take on that? Having experienced another “dimension” in a “light body” (for lack of another way to describe things) is all well and good, but my earth life isn’t making any progress at all—- 3. Your contact page doesn’t work- it asks the writer to type a number, but no number is provided. How can someone contact you? 4. I want to get to the bottom of all this “extraterrestrial” stuff- I want to get to the bottom of how to become a “divine being”…tired of the merry go round.

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J.S. Thompson’s Response:

Thanks for finding my articles of interest. We would certainly like to invite you to read all of the many articles that are published on http://www.divineadvancedhumanbeings.com

With respect to your inquiry regarding ORB’s, we are being observed by beings that live in other dimensions. Orbs seem to be a perfect example of a mobile observation device. For me, who knows if these things are real; it is a good explanation when all else is ruled out. That being said, there is no other scientific proof for them, that I am aware of but my explanation is accurate. Most people don’t observe to any degree what is going on around them. For those who keep an open mind, many things are seen that the average person does not observe. I’ve attached at the bottom of this response, a couple of links to articles I’ve written about Orb’s you might find interesting. The next question should be, “Why are they watching us and monitoring us? What is it about us that they find so interesting?”

You say, “That you can’t stand being human”. That’s a little disconcerting. We as humans represent the highest form of technology in the universe. I know that it might not seem that way but if you’ll consider that our human bodies and our consciousness is designed for a specific purpose; the good, the bad and the ugly… and understanding that we are all immortal, you might maybe change your view a bit (or at least, I hope so). I’ll go on to say, that we humans are of a far greater technology than those that have been seen by many who are called alien, but they are really just synthesized humans. It’s ironic that many view these beings as superior to us but in fact they are quite inferior in many ways. All of these beings with the skinny bodies and wrap around eyes are a product of de-evolution, in so much as, they took a perfect machine… our human body and made changes to it, which allows them to move from one dimension to another. However, you and I don’t have to go to all of that trouble, because when we leave the earth, we are also transported to another dimension and furthermore; when that happens, we do not give up our humanity to do it. When we humans leave the earth, we are every bit as human there as we are here on the earth, with one major change; we are conscious of our immortality. We don’t have to leave that place (Solamenta) until we choose to. We are always immortal! We do cycle back and forth from out there, Solamenta (a term I use to describe the various places we go when we leave the earth) and back to earth again. We do this in order to overcome the issues that hold us back and in so doing, learn how to deal with our immortality. This process has been going on since the beginning of time for all practical purposes. When we finally learn how to live in a truly eternal community, we leave the cycle of life and death and move on to the next phase of our eternal journey. I describe divine beings as those who can live in this eternal community or paradise.

It is true, we who are here on the earth are consumed with unresolved issues, so you are not alone there, but “we do” have guidance. You might not be aware of it but there is a part of your consciousness that is quite aware of it. That being said, we also have a great deal of bad guidance. It is up to us to determine which voice that guides us to listen to. If you’ll consider it, we know which way to go but we choose not to do it much of the time. Why? Because we haven’t figured out that there is “only one way” to get where we all desire to go and all of us, want to go to the same place. When we finally resolve that there is only one way, we will do it. When we have explored every wrong door several times, we will finally take the right one. The reason taking the right path is so difficult is self- explanatory, in so much as, the “right path, is the path of greatest resistance! The right path is a difficult path because immortality is a difficult thing to master and resistance build character just as resistance on the weight bench builds muscle. Being immortal involves self- control and discipline. When we master ourselves, we master all aspects of our eternal existence, in which all happiness, peace, etc. are found. This is the goal. When we do not walk the right path that takes us to divinity, we are made to feel uncomfortable with ourselves; this is the feeling that keeps us ever looking for a better way. It’s a feeling, that of incompleteness or emptiness that keeps us exploring. It’s the reason you wrote me! So when you feel this way, this is coming directly from those who are trying desperately to guide you in the right direction. You do have guides and you are never alone. This mechanism, which has been evolving since the beginning of time, will never fail you; it is the highest form of love. However, your freedom of choice can never be taken away from you! You will always have the right to choose the right path or the wrong path. If we did not have this freedom, we would be nothing more than robots and all of this elaborate facade of mortality, facilitated by the “greatest technology”, would be for naught. I can assure you, you are of eternal value!

I know a great deal about these topics and will be glad, in time, to answer all of your questions. It’s a complicated subject to explain but if you ask enough questions and if you can be very specific, I think many of your questions will be answered.

Thanks for your inquiry; we should never stop asking questions.

Good luck in your journey!
J.S. Thompson

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