A lot of mystics refer to a spiritual world. Does a place that is actually entirely non physical exist? My logic tells me no, but so many refer to a spirit world. What are these people referring to?

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A lot of mystics refer to a spiritual world. Does a place that is actually entirely non physical exist? My logic tells me no, but so many refer to a spirit world. What are these people referring to?

This question is a great example of what I refer to as "primitive interpretation"! Many mystics are communicating with beings that live in another dimension. However, the information is often not understood and left to being defined with only the beliefs of the mystic to fill in the missing pieces.

Words like spirit have no real meaning to the vast majority of people who use the word every day. What does spirit mean? Spirit is a word that says, "I don't know"! If we cannot define something, then we should not use the word. When we use words that have no real definition like spirit, the meaning if it even has one, is left to that of the individual. Therefore, the words vary from person to person built on a foundation of knowledge, or lack thereof.

Everything which is considered spiritual now, will be a matter of technology later when it is finally understood and all things unknown, in time, eventually will be properly defined.

Today's society refers to angels, demons, God, spirits, ghosts, etc., as if these words had meaning. We saw something, "it looked like a ghost, it looked like a person you could see through, dressed in 18th century clothes!" "I was praying and an angel of God came to me and ministered to me!" " I was laying on the street bleeding after a motorcycle accident and the devil came to me and told me if I didn't change my ways, I was going to hell!" All of these incidents have happened and they are all real; however, who did it and how they did it is just a matter of how one chooses to believe based on their own foundation of knowledge.

Contemporary science does not understand what "other dimensions" are and how they work! Other dimensions have been theorized and any good scientist worth their salt understands that they are there, but the technology to properly define them is not yet available.

Other dimensions are not a mystical thing. When science finally does understand them and how they work, it will come as no great surprise to anyone and the concept is very simple. Scientists in ancient times theorized bacteria and matter being made from atoms but no one really knew about them until science could build a device which could actually see them. Science is on the doorstep now of making discoveries which will eventually allow it to understand how other dimensions work and with this discovery, will come many other discoveries. Other dimensions will finally allow us to theorize what happens to us when we die. Imagine a time when scientists will be looking at immortality or life after death as opposed to those who, in the past, were seen as kooks who were on the fringe. All things that we don't understand now, will someday be explained through technology because all of these things are a product of technology.

Does a place really exist that is non physical? No! Just because we can't see it doesn't mean that it is not made of matter just like we are. Matter as solid as we are, as solid as a rock, is all around us orbiting and rotating through us but we don't see it because it exists in another pressure spectrum which we cannot perceive. When we leave the planet, we find ourselves in a world of physical beings, surprisingly just like we are here on the earth. They can't see us from their dimension and we can't see them from ours.

Behind every ghost, angel encounter, demon encounter, miracle, divination-etc., there is someone or those with an advanced computer trying to talk to us, guide us, manipulate us, hurt us or teach us and they are just as real and often just as primitive as we are, with this one exception; they have access to an advanced computer capable of communicating from one dimension to another!

Good luck on your journey-.
J.S. Thompson

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