Are Archangels real or just myths?

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The concept of angels is mythological; however, it is a fact that there are real people who have been called angels-Archangels, etc. Therefore, it is a fact and fiction!

We ourselves are multi-dimensional beings who find ourselves on a planet where we must, at least for a few short years, live under a facade of mortality. From time to time, some of us see beings from other dimensions. These beings have often been referred to as angels. For those of us on earth who must live in this primitive society for a few years… to see these beings for who they truly are because our foundation of knowledge is so limited and while we are here on the earth, it is supposed to be. That's why we came here in the first place; to start over and begin again. Earth and the facade of mortality give us the perfect environment to overcome the weaknesses that plague us as immortal beings which is what we all are!

Those we refer to as angels or arch angels, or whatever primitive terminology we wish to assign to these beings are either our guides… or other advanced beings who feel they have a right to intrude on the sanctity of our earth lives. Sometimes these intrusions are warranted and sometimes they are not! There are reasons why we come to earth. Also, there are boundaries for those out there, who have the ability to intrude on our lives, which feel must be pushed.

We are all here on the earth to learn how to think rationally, logically and to push against the boundary that keeps us immortal and keeps us coming back to earth. Here on the earth and for the most part out there as well, it is a world where the irrational is rational, and the rational is irrational. Everything is backwards; we can never live in an immortal society if we don't learn the difference; if we can't break free from the yoke of social psychosis!

The beings that people on the earth see from time to time, generally in visions are real! Even the way they have been depicted, in white robes with long flowing hair is real. However, they are not much different than we are. They live in a society that we, ourselves, will soon be a part of.

Those who see angels, good angels and bad angels are those who have gone to the next level of consciousness. This is something that all of us will one day do. We all came to earth to bridge this darkness. Some of us do it and some of us will have to return to earth over and over and over again, until we do finally make this connection.

There is a teaching program that all of us must complete! We either do it here on the earth or we do it out there solamenta (the place we go when we leave the earth). Most of us choose to do it on the earth; the reasoning being that when we are here, we are under the control of others and are submissive and it is their responsibility to take us a far as they can get us. If we attempt to go thru the program out there (solamenta), there is a 99.9% chance we will quit! Having said this, one might ask… why is it that there is such a poor success rate? The answer is unsettling: Our guides cannot get us thru the program if they have not been thru the program themselves! Those of us who do get thru it or at least to it…. are those who, thru their own force of will, have gotten the attention of those "out there" that have gone thru the program and are masters. That meaning… those who are qualified to teach and this is the way it works. There are only a handful of those who are qualified to teach us how to live in a truly immortal society; a society where there is no need to come to an earth planet and live under the facade of mortality again in order to clean the slate, to begin again. These beings I am referring to are divine beings. They are masters of immortal life and they are qualified to teach others how to do the same as they have learned.

In order to get the attention of the divine, our guides will, under certain circumstances, allow us to see them. Sometimes this works (to get the attention of the divine) and sometimes it doesn't.

If we on earth get to the level where we see angels, do not see them in the way our primitive ancestors saw them but rather for who they truly are. They are just people like us (good and bad) who are trying to get you to the next level. One last thought: If we do see angels, be careful as they are not all good, loving or even intelligent beings as they may present themselves to be. They might however, be divine… it is your choice to decide.

Good luck on your journey…
J.S. Thompson

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