Are psychadelic drugs such as iboga and mushrooms good for spiritual journeys to find our hidden truths?

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Great question!

Those who talk to us, use a very sophisticated advanced multi-dimensional radio to do it. This radio talks to us on the inside and it communicates with us at many level s of our consciousness. The level of technology that those who talk to us have… determines to which level they can communicate with us. All in all, this form of communication uses frequency just like technicians and engineers understand it here on the earth. The frequencies they use to communicate with us; however, are great deal smaller and more compressed than any technology we have on the earth at this time.

When we take drugs, the frequency signal of the drug interferes with the frequency signal of the communication from out there. Our lives here on the earth are supposed to follow a pre-determined program. This program is very specific and is designed to make sure that we get an earth experience that will keep us well after we leave the earth and join our immortal community out there solamenta. This program is designed to correct any character weaknesses that will always make themselves known, in time; weaknesses that require us to come to earth again for another try. For those out there who talk to us and guide us, this program is challenging enough to stay with. When we take drugs, in a way, our guides lose touch with us and the program becomes scrambled. When the drug wears off, then our guides have to back up and try to patch the damage that has been done.

When we are in pain, we take drugs to relieve the pain. When we have chronic pain or have been in an accident, arrangements can be made to alter the program and all is well. However, when we take a drug on the spur of the moment, when arrangements cannot be taken or if the drug is very powerful as it is in the case of psychedelic drugs or powerful addictive drugs like heroin and cocaine, it is often very difficult to get us back on line and the result for us with regard to earth experience can end badly. Mostly our guides get us back on line and everything is corrected in time but at great cost.

We need to be careful when we experiment with drugs! There are many that have drug issues out there also and when we, here on the earth, show a propensity to use drugs… we draw a very bad crowd around us which encourage the bad behavior. The curse of advanced technology is that often, those who have access to it can and do live vicariously through us and often, it is our bad behavior that draws this crowd to us. This is also true for sex and other bad behaviors as well as drug use.

Hidden truths are discovered through desire and hard work. There is no drug that can inspire us and lead us toward ultimate truth. This truth can only be discovered by sacrifice in its many forms. It is the search for truth that strengthens our character weaknesses that prevent us from living in an immortal community eternally. I hope this helps in your own personal search for truth and subsequent immortality.

Good luck on your journey….
J.S. Thompson

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