Are there different dimensions we must travel through first to get to the truth? I mean can you tell me if maybe I have been in a different dimension in the past and this reality I am in now is just another dimension on my souls travels to God and the truth? Thank You Divine.

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Thanks for your question….never stop asking.

We are multi-dimensional beings but truth can be found in any dimension we happen to be living in. It is true that divine beings inhabit a dimension that only divine beings can access; this is a matter of technology. Divine being technology trumps all of the advanced technologies that exist and there are many levels. There is an explainable reason for this to be true. Divine beings are masters of themselves and because they are, "they" no longer live within the cycle of life and death. Divine beings are immortal in the truest sense of the word. We are all immortal but since they do not cycle from mortality (or the façade of mortality) to immortality, they have unbroken knowledge and understanding, which results in the best technology.

Divine beings run the universe! In a sense, what you suggest is true.

I would also like to point out, that the word soul is a very misunderstood word. Wherever we go and to whatever dimension we happen to be in, we are physical beings. Our bodies out there, solamenta are no different than our bodies here on earth. When we leave the earth, we leave the earth body behind and our consciousness moves into another (other dimensional) body which is part of our "current" physical anatomy.

We are all on a pathway to truth which leads to God and true immortality. When I say true immortality, I mean understanding, which leads to mastery of the self. Only then can we find happiness, love, family and true immortal community… if you will ….Paradise!

Understanding how other dimensions work is a big step to understanding our path to Paradise.

Good luck on your journey…..
J.S. Thompson

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