Do ghosts really exist and if yes, what are ghosts?

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Everyone knows that there is no such thing as ghosts; however, there does exist something that can be much spookier- "advanced technology". Behind every weird unexplained sighting or experience, there is advanced technology. These sightings and experiences include; angels, demons, ghosts, advanced craft, dreams, out of body experiences, demon possession and alien encounters, etc...

Just about any unexplained experience can be attributed to those who have advanced technology. The question becomes, why do they do it? All previous advanced societies are, for the most part, controlled by an advanced computer and this computer sets strict criteria for them to live within. Every advanced person living within these societies must get authority from their computer before they get involved in our lives.

Advanced societies which include those of us who have lived on the earth and have died, are always thinking of ways to get in touch with us. They cannot just do what they want because the computer that controls their ability to communicate will not allow it unless there is good reason.

We humans on the earth are going through something I refer to as Christa solamenta, or maybe better defined as "the cycle of life and death". We are all advanced beings for that matter and we come here to earth for a little while to learn that no matter how advanced we think we are, when we are put in an environment where we do not have the ability to explain anything really, how do we react to that? We become primitive people once again. When our earthly lives are over, we see how little we really understood about our advanced society. We understand that we really weren't advanced at all, we just had advanced technology. Technology does not make us smart, in fact, it makes us stupid. We stop using our brains and allow machines to do the thinking for us. Our time on earth shows us just how primitive we really are.

Earth is the place where immortal people learn how to appreciate life once again, how to see themselves for whom they truly are and not what they imagine and how to use logic. It is logic that helps us to walk the path to God, not fantasy and self-deceit.
Ghosts, angels, demons, etc. do exist but they are just people using advanced technology to get through to us in the only way their computer will allow them.

Thanks for your question!
J.S. Thompson

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