Dear JS Thompson, Is our time on earth pre-determined? I ask because my 20 year old daughter took her own life. Was it pre-determined that she would live only for 20 years? What did she come to earth to learn/experience/teach? Thank you

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J.S. Thompson’s Response:

Our time on the earth is supposed to be pre-determined, however, our lives don’t always follow the program, which was pre-established for us before we came here. We may have programs but there is no guarantee that we will follow it because of our own free will and the free will of others. All our guides can do to keep us on a path is to suggest to us that we do this or that. We can always say no. I’m very sorry to hear about your daughter. However, like all of us, when we arrive out there, we take what we have learned and we apply it, and in so doing, continue our journey toward true, peace, love and fulfillment.

Good luck on your continued journey,
J.S. Thompson