Dear JST, If I may ask -What would be your take regarding “Stellar Bubbles” i.e. Variances of vibration inside different Solar systems, and/or within the interstellar Space?You are probobly aware, that there is a silent, rather shy theory circulating, whispering about “bubbles” that Stars form arround themselfs. Energetically, and adjusting other phisical factors in diffrent “shapes”. Excluding, or least seriously narrowning the possibility for Solar natives to travel between Stars, entering other “bubble” regions.Voyager 1 space probe is now approaching the exit lines of our Stellar home. It is expected to break the boundries any time soon! In time frame vayring from tomorrow – till few years ahead. Just few days ago, NASA JPL released the information, that it has allready encountered region of Space, where flow of neutrons is diffrent from what we normally have mental contact with. Judging from the tone of the released tekst, they are really exited. Wich obviously makes sense. The probe was essentially designed to be able to send data untill 2020, and the moment when it leaves the boundries if highly anticipaded (as if it have the rank of Great coronation, when it comes to whole mission).I decided to direct this issue to you, because beside the fact, that Im in much respect towards your ´first-time ever so completely presented´, cybernetic-soul concept :), It grasping (sort of) this issue.I am also thankfull, that you are sharing your knowledge. Await your Anser. Regts.

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I looked up stellar bubbles on the net and read thru it but getting right to the point. Contemporary science knows so little about what is happening in the universe, to discuss using what they know as a foundation for describing how things work is a moot point at this time.

Here's an example: Take a grain of sand… takes the instruments it has to weigh but they cannot accurately weigh it. A grain of sand weighs a great deal more than what science can measure. A grain of sand like all matter is multi-dimensional or better said, exists in many pressure spectrums that contemporary science does not yet know about. The matter we can't detect with instrumentation weighs every bit as much and possibly a good deal more than the matter we can see. There is more than we don't know about a grain of sand than we do. If science could understand the mechanism of a grain of sand, they would understand the mechanism that drives the universe.

The same can be said for popular scientific theories such as: black holes, dark matter and energy and the big bang, to name a few. (You might want to read "Why the big bang never happened and why we need to know it". published on

My mission is to explain how the universe really works from a conceptual and easy to understand perspective. I do this not to entice controversy but to aid the truth explorer put the pieces of the puzzle together or more accurately, to give the reader some motivation to explore on their own.

Do places exist in the universe where dust and debris react differently than in others: Yes! Just like in the ocean floating debris would react differently close to shore, a reef or cliffs differently than if they were in the open water. Debris swirls in some places and floats on the waves in others.

Space is divided into sectors and the sectors into sectors each with its own pressure variances.

In the future, contemporary scientists will discover which will push our now primitive science a bit closer to advanced technology (other dimensional technology); this being, ever increasing "bands" of electron activity ever widening as we seek it further out in space. These bands of electrons move in conduits as the cycle from the sun throughout our solar sector. The energy that fuels the universe causes us and everything else to move; it makes a complete circuit moving from the sun to the far corners of the solar sector eventually returning to the sun where they are heated and the cycle or orbit begins again. The one critical aspect of all of this is that scientists don't currently understand particle elasticity. Particles orbiting through conduits in space expand or contract as they move through different pressure zones in space. We do not see, nor do we detect other dimensions or pressure spectrums because the particles that make matter what it is have either expanded or contracted out of our spectrum and they don't have to expand or contract very much at all to do this.

For us, we think in terms of size…something is either too big or too small to detect but this is not the case. Electrons are porous and have smaller electrons moving thru them to a certain point. Electrons can and do eventually contract where nothing can penetrate them. At this stage they are very dense but still elastic and as they orbit into sectors which have less pressure…they expand.

Current science will discover other dimensions or pressure spectrums when we learn more how particles move thru space and are able to manipulate these particles streams with pressure.

Advanced beings move from one dimension to another by expanding from the inside a quantum width. When moving matter from one dimension to another; this pressure must move thru the trillions of conduits in the matter at the same time. This takes a very knowledgeable computer program to accomplish. One day scientists will map the inside of an electron and they will be able to do this. Unfortunately, even after they do this, their science will still be quite primitive. I find it interesting that every phase of scientific evolution portrays itself as the end all to be all (probably a side effect of ego and self-righteousness). Advanced science can give us many things like a greater quality of life but it can also be a night mare which results in social psychosis if we allow it to do so. Society has been here before…many times in the past. Man evolves from primitive to modern to advanced and then back to primitive, a cycle designed for individual evolution, an opportunity for all of us to see ourselves for who we truly are and make the changes in ourselves necessary to leave the cycle of mortality and live as an immortal person in a functioning immortal community.

I use words like electron and other dimensions because they are words that describe something that little is known about. Scientists don't know exactly what an electron is. They know that if you do "A"......, "B" happens. Everything else is theoretical!

I want the people I write for to understand other dimensions because the purpose for our being here concerns other dimensions and understanding them helps us to understand our purpose here on the earth.

I am here for the truth explorer. For those interested, ask specific questions. The reason for this relates to the volumes of information that exist. It's a process

Good luck in your journey……
J.S. Thompson

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