Do crimes like murder, rape etc occur in Solamenta?If I decide to stay in Solamenta will I be safe and secure from the crimes that take place on earth?

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J. S. Thompson's RESPONSE:

Although crimes do occur there, it is a rare occurrence for an overt act of violence to occur. It happens from time to time, but these kinds of crimes are dealt with swiftly. Violence is really looked down upon out there.

The most prevalent crime committed out there would be something like internet crime here. In a nutshell, out there if people don't identify who they are talking to, they can get into trouble. Online scams are common but the biggest crime that is committed out there is interference. Interference occurs when a more advanced human (so-called) who has access to more advanced communication technology…. cuts into a signal between a person on the earth and their guide staff… “Why would anyone do this?”

There are several reasons; none of them good but mostly they try to go around the system in order to identify certain people who have come to earth, who are supposed to remain anonymous while they are here. I won't go into all the reasons this is done here; I'm writing a piece now that will explain this crime in better detail but to answer your question, if we get into trouble out there, we have no one to blame but ourselves because anything that can cause us trouble there, we will be warned to stay away from. If we do as we are asked to do, it will be a safe, exciting and wonderful experience.

Good luck on your journey…..
J.S. Thompson

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