Do we all have angels watching over us and if so are they relatives that have passed on or could they be angels that don’t know us at all and sent by god as part of work so to speak?

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For the most part, our guides are family members. We may or may not know them because our families are very old. Collectively, we have all been around for a very long time. So for most of us, our guides are our angels, so to speak. I don't particularly like to use the word angel because it conjures up some primitive religious image. However, there are beings out there that are very angel like. Some of the ancient pictures and visions of angels are from my observation very accurate. Sometimes they do wear a white robe and sometimes they wear street cloths just like people on the earth do. Not to cast dispersions on the good people that live solamenta, there are also really bad people that live there and they too wear white robes on occasion.

Good luck in your journey-
J.S. Thompson