Do we have the same staff guides during our entire life on earth?

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This is not an easy subject to define because those who guide us are as varied in their work as we, on the earth, are varied with ours. Some people do good work and others do not. Some people are industrious and others are down- right lazy. This is how it is out there with our guides. We all have guidance. Sometimes, it is done with other people who are like us and sometimes it is handled through an advanced computer. As we look around us, while here on the earth, it is obvious that some of us do not get good guidance. When we are guided by an advanced computer, it is always telling us to do the right things but it is impossible for us to understand an advanced computer. We need human guidance and many of us have this. Many of us have the same guides that we started with when we were born to the earth. Being a guide is like being a parent except it takes longer and is a more intimate endeavor most of the time. Sometimes our guides leave us, they get fired, they quit, they get reassigned and/or they get sent back to earth. However, many of us end up with all or at least some of the guides we started with. Some of our guides will guide more than one person on the earth. When this job is done properly, our guides are more than earth family, they are our eternal family!

Great question-.
J.S. Thompson

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