Does God answer our prayers or do we do it through our thoughts as in “The Secret”?

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"Does God answer our prayers or do we do it through our thoughts as in "The Secret?"

When we pray, we are either giving thanks, asking God for something for ourselves, or for someone else. When we pray, we "believe" ourselves to be talking to God or one of God's agents (angels relatives saints, etc.). We seek "answers" and when we seek God, God does give us answers, God does answer our prayers. If you request something from God, God will give it to you, anything you ask for, whether righteous or not. However, for everything we request, there is a price to be paid. This is a basic law of physics. God never gives us anything that will allow us to become closer to God that we don't earn.

What is it that brings us closer to God? It is those prayers that say to God, "do to me what you will"! We do not know the way to eternal life but God does. When we ask God for specifics, we are taking control of our lives away from God. We don't know what we need. We know what we want! When we allow our emotions to take control of our lives, when we ask for something from God, we are denying that God knows what is best for us or for others.

Our ultimate goal and the foundation of all of our prayers is to become the type of person that can live in Paradise forever. When we pray for others, these are righteous prayers, prayers of growth, but we always end our prayers with "let not my will, but Gods will be done."

When we pray, pray a prayer of "knowing," not believing.....

" to me what you will, make me the person that will live in Paradise forever, let not my will, but your will be done...amen." This is the most perfect prayer. When you say this prayer with your heart, you are proclaiming God's ability to guide you to eternal happiness.

There is the prayer we say with our lips and then, there is the prayer that comes from our heart... God does answer the prayer that comes from our hearts. Our heart does not "believe" in "knows" who God is...

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