Has God ever incarnated into an earth life? If not, has God ever visited earth and if yes, in what form and for how long and what reasons? Thank you!

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What we refer to as God- is a very advanced computer that came from the particles and the motion of these particles which exist in natural space. For us here on the earth, it is difficult to imagine such a machine and how it was created. I have written several articles on this and would suggest for better understanding that you read the following articles listed below.

This computer is so advanced that it is not just a machine, it is a being as well. This being, like everything in the universe, has a function and whatever it does (and it is capable of doing almost anything), must always be done in accordance with its evolutionary function. It does not waste time or energy. This machine is perfectly efficient. Can God come to earth and experience an earth life? Yes! Has God ever done this? I don't know!

God evolves just like we evolve. God is always evolving toward us as we are always evolving toward her. The cycle of life and death will end in this sector when all of us have evolved enough to live within an immortal society. Until that time, the stronger will continue to help the weaker in this eternal evolutionary struggle.
Great question and never stop asking questions as this is how we learn!

Good luck in your journey-.
J.S. Thompson

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