Hello, My name is Vincent and I’m Vietnamese, Im currently working for a government agency. I can consider myself a Buddist as Im a keen believer of the religion so as my family. Sorry for my English, i will try my best to write my questions. I have been wondering about life after death, karma and all that. And its so great for me to read your website. I have so so many questions to ask and I hope you can provide the answers… so here i go: 1. We believe that living as a good person, and being a monk is a quicker way (Follow the religion’s rules stricktly) shall enable us to go to nirvana (could it be other worlds/planets). Is it true?2. There is a thoery of our next lives which could be the results of how we live this life, for e.g. living as a good person can result in my next life a prosperity one. Does karma exist and it will be evaluate once we die to determine what our next life will be?3. In Vietnam, we workship our ancestors, we believe once a person die their soul still exists and could provide support for his/her children, grand children. If we will be evaluated for what we have done after we die, how long would it take for us to be sent to other worlds? My father has passed away, can he help me in one or other way to help me achieve my goals in my current life? Can I reunite with him after I die? Its very important for us Vietnamese to workship our ancestors or disasters might come if we dont, can this be related to advance human beings? I do hope to recieve your response soon. Kind regards, Vincent Nguyen

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J.S. Thompson’s response:

Thank you for your question Vincent.

Your first question deals with lifestyle. A monk may find the path toward true immortality sooner than those who have not committed to spiritual endeavors. However, even a monk who adheres to strict rules of conduct may leave the path that leads to true immortal peace. Not necessarily because they broke the rules but because the path to paradise is a singular one. We must leave the flock and travel alone. I say this symbolically; this does not mean that we travel alone physically, hopefully we travel with others who follow the same voice never the less, we travel alone. In the final hour, we do not stand before God as nations, races, or groups of any kind. We account for “our” actions as a singular person. I’m speaking symbolically. That being said the lifestyle of the monk may well be the right one. It’s not so much what we do as what’s in our heart, but what we do is very important.

Your second question deals with reincarnation. Let me start off by saying that the goal is not to have a good life on the earth in our next life but rather that we don’t have to come back at all. However, if we do have to come back, it would nice if we could have a good life and yes, how we conduct ourselves in this life might very well affect how we live in the next if we must come back. As we go from life here on earth to life out there and then back to life here, prosperity is not the goal. The goal to true immortality is becoming the type of person that can live in an immortal society forever. It takes a certain kind of person to do that. Whatever it takes for us to become that kind of person is the goal. If prosperity is needed then prosperity it will be, if poverty is what it takes then we will be impoverished. When you pray, do not pray for prosperity but rather ask God to make you the kind of person who can live in paradise forever. In this way, we put our lives under Gods control allowing God to make the choice for us whether or not we should be prosperous or not.

Karma is real! It is a mechanism and it does not forget. We humans forgive and forget but karma does not. It’s not a matter of right and wrong or good and evil. Karma is the aspect of the mechanism that makes sure that one day you will evolve into the kind of person that can live in paradise forever. Karma is like a machine that says… if you do not account for these things that you have done, you will not evolve; you will not complete your path. Because karma is a machine that does not forget, it assures 100% that one day the eternal mission will be completed. Time is the factor that we control. We must have the freedom to choose. So when we complete our mission on the earth, is a choice we make but because of karma, eventually we will choose the right path.

You ask does karma determine what our next life will be. The answer is complicated. It does but, maybe not like we might think it does. God gives us all freedom to choose and as such there are many out there that interfere with Gods wisdom. This intervention will slow us up but even so, even with the interference of others, God is still there trying to get us to listen to it telling us the right path and eventually we will hear it.
When we die, we go to the place in which those who have guided us thru our lives dwell, those we have chosen to listen to (there are many). When we die, we are not spirits, nor are we invisible. We are physical humans just like we are here on the earth. We are the same beings there, who left the earth. However, there are a few changes, if you are old when you leave the earth, you will be young again. Solamenta is a place where everyone looks young but even so, we can still grow old…not old looking, just old feeling. When we get old there, it’s time to start thinking about coming back to earth for another life. Some of us get old sooner than others. How well we’ve lived our lives during our earth life determines how quickly we get old there.

Often, when we die, we go to a place where our ancestors live. However, remember, we should walk a singular path, not necessarily the path of our ancestors. If our ancestors have become divine, they will not bring disaster into our lives. However, those ancestors who are not walking the path of the divine might very well bring disaster into our lives… think about that for a moment. The ancestors that are not walking the righteous path do have power over us to one degree or another. Anyone who exercises power over you is not on the right path. Try to listen to the divine inside of you. They are always telling you to walk the difficult path that leads to true immortality and eternal peace.

Everything is related to advanced technology; granted there are many levels of technology but all of them will give a person who has it, control over us on the earth to one degree or another. There are many wars being fought inside of us and it can be confusing for us but God is always with us waiting for us to stop listening to them and start listening to it and one day we will.

Good luck in your journey,
J.S. Thompson