“HELP is all I need. I need an expert, a fellow odd ball, an exorcist or just someone else that has had special permission and insight into secrets of the world. All my life I had things happening to me that no one else had experienced. Things during the night and day, asleep and/or awake. Experiences with all matters of the unexplained or just plain unheard of by most people. I’m in real trouble here and I need help, all my life someone along the way would tell me that I need to learn about my gifts and how to protect myself … of course I didn’t listen to any one of them, I was in short, afraid to dive into the unknown in fear of waking up more events or inviting horrible things in. It began at age five, we moved to this older bigger place, an Inn my parents inherited, this is the start of my awakening at night unable to move and feeling afraid of some unknown thing. It wasn’t until my husband and I moved to Tennessee and built our dream home that the nightmare of it a ll began. This all began in 2004 three days after we moved into the new place. It wasn’t long before I was able to see and feel them. I am told that I am a beacon to the spirit world, the evil is trying to keep me from what God has planned for me in the future. If I wasn’t close to God I’d have been posessed while in that infested house. I’ve been working with the Catholic Church all these years awaiting an exorcist that is able to leave thier jurisdiction, heck, the Priests in this area deny evil spirits exist! The Bishop came to the house to bless it, smartly I recorded the entire visit so that I could prove to him this activity is there and extremely intelligent. That was a year ago and still no attention to this attack my family is suffering from daily. Anyone, someone please help me in any way you can. “

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There are evil spirits and they are drawn to certain people and places. This does not mean that the places or the people are, in themselves, evil.

Evil spirits are and have been miss defined and learning how to get rid of them mean that we need to redefine them correctly. We need to let them know we know who they are! If there is anything that will get rid of an evil spirit it is telling that we either know who they are or we are going to take action that will tell us who they are.

Evil spirits are not spirits at all; they are people like you and me. Evil spirits are people who have taken a wrong path and have continued down that path for a long period of time.

All interactions with that world are defined by the level of technology that is possessed by those who interact with us and interacting with us is everything to them! I'm inclined to think that these beings are not drawn to a place but rather to a person they do however, feel empowered when one is experiencing personal turmoil.

There are rules and boundaries that they must adhere to and that are enforced by an advanced computer.

These beings do what they do and attempt to keep their own personal identities a secret because they are committing crimes. When they make themselves known, they feel that they are doing this by the rules of engagement and they feel righteous in what they do but deep down inside they know that they are not righteous and what they do is not righteous. When they come into our lives, it is a violation of our civil rights, it is an assault, it is a crime "out there" and there is punishment there for those who break the rules.

They get caught up in this façade and find it difficult to leave. However, they do find the internal fortitude to leave when they are confronted with discovery.

Look at it this way: Out there people are just like we are here, they are not spirits or ghosts. They are people that lead fairly normal lives (out there) even compared to our lives on the earth. They are like a group of rich men on the earth who crave excitement and so they get some monitoring equipment and they begin to listen to peoples cell phone calls and then they go a step further and start pretending to be people that they are not…they prey on our primitive beliefs and they will be whatever we want them to be. They like the feeling of power that they feel they have over us.

They are just a group of ignorant people, some lazy and stupid with too much power! How do you get rid of them?

When they are confronted with someone who knows who they are, they head for the hills. However, when one group leaves…. sometimes, another is there to take its place. They are secretive beings and do not communicate well with those who are outside of their groups. They can't tell the next group waiting in the wings that they are going to get caught if they come in. So, letting them know is something that must be done constantly.

It sounds from your question that you have a legitimate issue and if you do, I want to help you if I can. Like I stated earlier in this text, they are generally not drawn to a location but rather a person. This generally occurs when someone has tried to make contact with them. Is this the case?

They feel they can break the boundary of contact when someone opens the door to them! Even under their code of conduct, this is incorrect!

Once I have determined this, I can go on to explain to you... these beings in more detail. Knowing who they are if you will, knowing the "name of the demon" is the key to getting rid of them.

I would like to add one more critical thing: they cannot possess you! They can make you feel possessed but this is only a feeling that has been widely misinterpreted throughout history.

I wish you the best of luck!
J.S. Thompson

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