How do I heal myself?

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Pain can be controlled to some degree, our attitudes can be controlled. We live in world of many people and they all to some degree or another have an effect on us. We can't control all of them but we can control the choices that we make. We can't control death. Everyone is going to eventually leave the planet and go on to the next phase of our evolution (we're all going to die). How we live while we are here is a choice that we make. We need to see pain for what it is; it is a mechanism that tells us that we need to do something. We need to go to a doctor, we need to exercise, we need to change our diets but mostly we need to change our attitudes. Some things can be helped and some things can't. When something cannot be changed and we've done all we can to try and change it, we need to accept it. A stiff upper lip never really cured anything; an understanding heart on the other hand is a cure for everything. It's not about putting on a smile and making the world believe everything is great! It's about understanding that it's as good as it can be and it can get allot better!

The challenges of life are there for a purpose. We don't turn away from our challenges and call it victory; they are there for us to have victory over. To have victory over life is to have mastery of one's self to the level that is possible. We will not escape death but we can understand that life never ends, we cannot escape hardship but we can understand that it is in our suffering that we become strong. We become strong when we see suffering for what it is truly is....a choice!

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