How do I know I’m doing something against God but I don’t mean to?

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All of us know the difference between right and wrong. We came into this world with this knowledge. Sometimes we have to think about it but if offending God means a great deal to us, then the time we spend contemplating our actions is worth it. Actually, we don't offend God with our actions, we hurt ourselves. We give up tomorrow for today.

We are here on the earth to transform into those who are capable of living in an immortal society. We are here to develop the character that will allow us the wealth and true love associated with divinity. Giving up today for tomorrow is not a great deal when you think about it.
When we say to God, we are sorry for our sins; God says to us;" I have shown you the way once again and once again you have not heard me"! However, I will never give up on you. Next time, please listen better!"

Hope this helps and good luck on your journey…
J.S. Thompson

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