How do I know that when I pray silently God can hear me? I mean there are so many souls…so how do I know my voice/thoughts got through?

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When you pray, your prayers are heard by those who monitor you. These prayers are forwarded to those you pray for. You are always being monitored and everything you think, say and do is being recorded. We communicate with our guides thru our thoughts and prayers. Those who guide us use very advanced technology to do what they do. Nothing escapes them. They encourage us in the way that they do to pray for those we love and we all are rewarded with their constant vigilance with regard to our prayers.

Pray as often as you can. Pray for those who have left the earth and pray for your guides who work so hard to get you through your life and make sure you learn the lessons you are supposed to learn. It is a very difficult job.

I appreciate your question.

Good luck on your journey….
J.S. Thompson

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