How do you have all these answers to these questions?

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The process of making people the kind of people that can live in Paradise forever is a long evolutionary process. This is God's plan. This is why we are here on the earth; however, there is only one way to do it. That is to be able to hear the only being in the universe that knows the way. Every one of us has all of the answers but what good is it having all of the answers within us... if we can't understand what the answers are? We need a foundation of knowledge before we can hear what is being said to us from within. God doesn't give us answers- she teaches us through the experience we go through here on the earth. Therefore, when we leave the earth, our education continues at the highest level of our understanding "out there", until we can understand enough of what God has to teach us to be able to move on. We continue to live our lives here on earth and out there until we can finally understand, thus ending the cycle of life and death for those who do.

This is what the universe does; it is a machine that produces a person capable of living in an eternal community. We have freedom of choice, the freedom to listen or not. It is time and the experience of good and bad choices that gives us the experiences we learn from.

Logic is the key. On the other end of the spectrum, our primitive beliefs are born from self-deceit. Beliefs result in a form of social psychosis. However, the depression we seek to banish through our beliefs only add to the conflict within us, as we continue to walk our path in the wrong direction. The feelings of security derived from our beliefs are short lived as we see our delusions erode with every experience gained either positive or negative.

God is waiting to speak to each and every one of us when we are ready, when knowledge gives us the foundation which allows us to hear. It is through our work, sincerity, desire and commitment that we begin to hear. It is the lost sheep that leaves the flock and finds the greenest pasture and then returns to the herd and attempts to show others the way. God uses those who can hear her. This is how God's plan will be done-.slowly, deliberately and eventually successfully for all of us!

I hope for you... the best of luck on your journey,
J.S. Thompson

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