How do you know that my father can hear me when I speak to him? What if he has already been sent back here to live another life.

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Great question! You’re thinking… good for you.

Your Father may very well have come back; however, probably not yet and the reason I say that is because we must take some time out there to do some things before we return but this is not always the case. Sometimes we do turn around quickly. There are many scenarios. However, we should not view our lives as a life here and a life there… our lives regardless of how we choose to view them are continuous… we are in fact, immortal beings that just go back and forth. When we arrive out there…we find our lives have been monitored and we learn a bit about our last life and maybe some others because there are people out there that knew us in our last life or others. When we arrive out here, it is easy for us to view the life that we know nothing about now as just part of our life as we find out more about who we used to be. We don't lose touch with our loved ones whether they are there or back here again on the earth.

Nevertheless, act as though your father is there listening to you… chances are, he still is but if not… messages from loved ones will still be given to him when he returns and it will be meaningful to him.

Our guides maintain all of this for us. If he is still there, our prayers and best wishes are greatly appreciated! Please don't stop talking or praying for your Father, your guides or other loved ones!

Good luck on your journey….
J.S. Thompson

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