I believe in the man Jesus who was born on earth to do something great for humanity and show us the way of true living. Although I believe he existed, I feel that the bible has manipulated and twisted his teachings to benefit the church and other authority figures. After reading an amazing book, The Hiram Key, I believe that there is a society that exists today that has discovered the secret teachings of Jesus. This book also gives a historical timeline that begins in ancient Egypt and shows how Jesus and his followers are related to ancient Egyptian secret knowledge. The secret that was lost but found again by Jesus. In this book, the authors believe the knowledge that was lost was the art of king making in which a king was divinely chosen to rule and was shown the way to the stars by the soul of the previous king. This knowledge was lost when a foreign king ruled Egypt and selfishly had a priest murdered because he would not divulge the secrets. As this knowledge was only known to one priest and not to the masses, the secret died with him. Anyways, what is your opinion on all of this? Also, why do you think this secret has always been so carefully gaurded and only given to select people throughout history? Do you believe, as I do, that Jesus intended to give this knowledge to the world and there are just selfish people that believe only they deserve this right? If so, then I’m sure they will get a rude awakening when they find themselves in Solamenta just like everyone else, because I do not believe that selfishness is the way to eternal life no matter what knowledge you have.

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Jesus was a mystic who became an evangelist at a time of Roman occupation. 325 years later, Constantine, Emperor of Rome was responsible for putting the different books of the New Testament together. As one can imagine, the process of putting the books of the bible together by the ruling elite of Rome was more than likely politically motivated and was done at a time of great turmoil for the Roman Emperor.

In the time of Constantine, there were three politically powerful groups of people who were threatening the established political structure of Rome. As a practical matter, all of these groups were mostly of Hebrew origin but two of these groups were made up mostly of the poor (later to be referred to as Christians) and the other group which I refer to as the Jew (second class citizen or a non Roman citizen) had prospered under Roman occupation. One group of the common people followed an evangelist called Jesus (commonly called today Jesus of Nazareth) and the others followed another evangelist called Jeshua of Syria (both names are the same; I use the two different spellings in order to differentiate between the two). Both of these courage's evangelists were mystics, both preached a common doctrine and both were executed by the Romans. One was crucified and the other was executed by a Roman spear. When the books of the bible were put together hundreds of years later, the actions of both were combined into one story. This story put together by the Romans took as much of the responsibility for the execution of a popular evangelist, off the backs of the themselves and put as much of it as could be on the backs of the Jews.

Information comes at a price but when someone makes a discovery, it is human nature to share it with as many people as they can. Much of the information associated with mystics, particularly in antiquity, was taught in what is referred to now as "mystery schools". The concept of this is simple; that information followed a pattern that must be taught by the mystics who in turn, teach other willing students the mystical arts. The mystery school is an attempt by the mystic to bring the method of learning this that they have learned out there, Solamenta to the earth. The problem with mystery schools, whether here on the earth or out there, is that becoming a mystic is not as easy as it sounds. It is a sound concept only when one has an advanced computer that can accurately measure the success of the students, which of course we don't have on the earth; When a mystic releases the information that they have gained to the public, they are usually chastised or even killed by a fearful and envious society; so it was and still is necessary for one to say to the public only when they are willing to give up any claims they might still have to their earthly lives!

Jesus of Nazareth was a real man and so was Jesus of Syria. These two lived about 40 years apart; they were both Hebrews and both were mystics that both came from an Egyptian heritage! People need to understand that all of the Hebrews that lived in the Middle East were at one time Egyptian. They became "the Hebrew's", as they migrated from the area between Tigris and Euphrates, crossed the red sea into Ethiopia, migrated north into the Sudan and eventually, migrated up to Egypt. This migration was accomplished over a period of 4,000 years. During this 4,000 year migration into Africa, the Hebrews became astute warriors who formed a secure community with sound successful business concepts.

The Hebrews like the ancient Vikings (the Vikings are Hebrew immigrants that went north to escape persecution by the Philistines) were astute traders and warriors just like the ancient Hebrews. The ancient Vikings learned their skill as warriors and traders in the desert while they fought their way from the Tigris Euphrates into Egypt and back in to the Middle East. Ironically, the Philistines were also immigrants to the Middle East. The Philistines migrated to the Middle East from all around the Mediterranean when the world became smaller, due to the end of the ice age- covered all low lying areas with water.

If we are going to take a logical look at history, we are going to have to use a little common sense because if all we have to go on is historical evidence then our view of the past is a puzzle with way to many pieces missing. History, without logic, gives us a slanted and often dangerous view of the past.

If Jesus were here today, he might say things a bit differently than what he was quoted from history. For instance, instead of saying to us all, "No one goes to the Father except through me", he might have said, "No one goes to the Father except with me!" This makes all of the difference in the world!

Good luck on your journey-
J.S. Thompson

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