I can understand yourself and many others believing in the Bible. After-all, a God watching over us and the promise of eternal life etc just for worshiping him sounds too good to pass up, but the way i see it is… is this too good to be true? Are we being conned?

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Reader's question in its entirety as follows....

I can understand yourself and many others believing in the Bible. After-all, a God watching over us and the promise of eternal life, etc. just for worshiping him sounds too good to pass up, but the way i see it is... is this too good to be true? are we being conned? So ilooked deeper into what "God" said about Human creation, and found it is not supported by facts.

"God" claims he created Adam and Eve as the first Humans. We know this occurred 6,000 years ago by checking the Generations from Adam and Eve to the time of Jesus. FACT Human remains have been found dating back 50,000 years.

There are other inconsistencies, but this one to me, is a major stumbling block. I believe the church must have realized this by now, but still continue to push the God/Jesus Myths.

At least our Schools realized this and removed religious education from the curriculum. Pity we can't stop parents and older relatives from passing these myths on to our vulnerable children. The truth is, we and the rest of the universe is created by Gravity.

Us Humans are extremely Gullible, being eager to attribute anything good to" God" and anything bad to "Satan", he doesn't exist either.

Heres a website for those finding it hard to work out the Generations between Adam and Eve and Jesus;

Looking forward to Gods reply :)

J.S. Thompson's answer to reader's question above....

I've written a series of articles called the Bible Myths which when completed will span the time and characters written about in the bible from Adam to Jesus and several other articles concerning the creation of the universe, man and God to mention a few. I share your desire for truth! A good explorer in unknown territory questions everything! I take nothing for granted, not withstanding, ancient primitive historical accounts to modern techniques for dating such as radio isotope dating- to carbon 14 dating.

If we are to rise above our primitive beliefs, we must question and in so doing evolve. Evolution does not take the form of technological advancement but in the ability to live within a community which fosters eternal values which keep us in good stead until the unknown becomes known.

Primitive people worship an unknown deity, which is illogical. The truth seeker finds the truth by utilizing their God given ability to use logic, not only to understand who God is and how God came to be but why the universe was created and most importantly, why we were created. These things can be known but only through the process of logic. It is purely mathematical. However, the journey toward God is not an easy task, it is difficult and only those willing to overcome the challenges of their many lives become those strong enough and wise enough to live in an eternal community. All of us will eventually find our way there but the time it takes us to do it, is strictly a matter of free will.

Good and evil, Satan and God are two sides of the same coin. Granted these are primitive terms used to describe a very advanced development technique. While God is telling us how to become those strong enough to live in an eternal community, Satan (metaphorically speaking) is attempting to lead us away from it. It is resistance that makes us strong. Just like in a gym, it is resistance that builds muscle. Our personal evolution is a matter of desire. One would think with all of the religious rituals and beliefs that exist today, there would be more people willing to explore God by questioning their beliefs. When one considers that most of the inhabitants of the planet believe in the same things, one must ask themselves- why the world is such a cesspool of crime and self-righteousness. This alone should foster a desire to explore a better way to live but evolution is a slow process, a very slow process!

When a sheep leaves the "flock" and finds the greenest pasture, they return to the "herd" and attempt to show the others the way. Becoming the type of person that can live in an eternal community is an individual effort. This is the journey that we all must make some day. When we all have found through our own individual effort the same green pasture-" We have arrived"!

Good luck in your journey
J.S. Thompson

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