I read that we are only supposed to pray to God and no one else but we can ask through god to speak to our loved ones that have passed. Is this true you think? I am always taking to my Dad and hoping he will send me some kind of message that he hears me but I am not getting anything. I watch all these shows where people have received signs and messages from someone close that passed and want to know why I haven’t. I really want to!

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When we pray, we are communicating with those who love us out there; those who guide us. Our relatives are informed every time we pray for them and they can respond to us but it is not for them to prove their existence to us or to give us a sign. When they are allowed to talk to us, they affect us in the way we feel, often a very good positive emotion. However, they may tell us something that we do not care to hear also. If we are not doing the right thing, what they tell us can make us feel bad about ourselves and can depress us. When our guides talk to us, we hear it with our emotions or more accurately, we hear them at another level of our consciousness and we may not always respond favorably. If we are not doing the right thing, we need to hear this even if it makes us feel bad.

Pray often, it does not matter to whom you pray or through whom you pray. When you pray, think of those who you have loved or those you wish to be favored. Pray good things, your prayers are always heard and those you have prayed for are always notified. Praying for those who have left the earth is a wonderful thing and your prayers are remembered! Do not worry about signs or messages. Jesus once said "blessed are those who have seen and believe but more blessed are those who have not seen and believe.

Thanks for your question and good luck on your journey…
J.S. Thompson

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