I see you haven’t said much about Jesus. How does He fit into all this? Was He just another man or the Son of God? And in this case..was He the son of “Arissa”? Are there any male personages in the Godhead or any Trinity of any kind?

Child of God by Jonathan

Child of God by Jonathan

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I’ve written several articles about Jesus which can be found on divineadvancedhumanbeings.com . To answer your question; Jesus was just a man but he was also the son of God. We are all however, sons and daughters of God. I think Jesus said it best, "When we are to pray we should say this prayer, Our Father”….. We are all special and beloved in Gods eyes not one more than another. It is also said in scripture that Jesus was a man and had to be a man in order to fulfill the ancient prophesy of the Hebrews. If so, then how long did he have to be "only a man", in other words did he stop being a man and start being the son of God. If he ever stopped being just a man then all righteousness would not have been fulfilled. If Jesus was to be a man, then he must always be a man just like any other man must be a man… forever.

When I speak about God, I do not refer to a God as it is known by the status quo. Conceptually how I see God and how society sees God is the same but, in so much that the God I refer to is capable of doing anything within the law of physics. I explain who God is and how God came to be. We should never just accept some illogical explanation for anything. The subject of God deserves our commitment.

Most of what we have read in scripture is ancient rewrites of even more ancient rewrites of channeled material. The biggest problem with channeled material or inspired writing is that the information that is received is more often than not misinterpreted. So, we get concepts like the trinity, three people in one, which can be explained in more logical terms. When primitive people make contact, those they are in contact with are attempting to explain advanced terms that have no foundation to those they are talking to and so it is explained in the only way it can be. It is better not to try and explain things that come from out there if we do not have a foundation to do so.

Arissa is simply a Term I use to attempt to explain something that our society has no foundation to understand.

Thanks for your question and good luck on your journey…
J.S. Thompson

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