I was told of a biblical story or may have been a biblical parable where a lukewarm city was cast to flames by God. Even if horrible events do occur such as fires and tsunamis an hurricanes, it seems like God wouldnt single out an “evil” “godless” or “sinning” community or city and kill innocent adults and children in an attempt to make a statement or punish people. I know that natural events occur which God allows but it isn’t anyone’s way of punishment anyone is it? Rather, I always considered these catastrophies just a form of cause and effect of the Earth’s machine and natural, engineered events. There are several biblical stories of “God’s revenge” on man. I would like to learn more about the “Bible Myths.” I wish there were “Bible Myths” articles on every book of the bible here! :) They are wonderful guides. Thanks for your time and answering the curiosities of my mind!

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I agree- what happens on the earth is part of the earth mechanism. The earth is a machine- just as we humans are machines. Following a path of logic, it's easy to understand that we, as humans need to cool down if we get too warm and if we get too cold-. we need to heat up. We must stay at a certain temperature or the machine fails to function effectively.

The earth works in exactly the same manner. The earth goes through cycles; just like the cycles on a washing machine or dryer. It changes gears as it moves from one pressure zone to another in space. The earth is like a clock. As the second hand moves around the clock, it triggers the minute hand and there is a response and then, the hour hand and so forth. We cycle from small effect to large effect and then back down again. When the earth gets hot in a certain place, it has to cool off and when it gets too cold- it has to warm up.

God made the machine in accordance with the law of physics; there is no other choice! If we look through our immortal eyes, there is not much harm that can truly be done to anyone on the earth with the exception of character decrease. It is not a perfect system yet, but it one day will be. As we evolve as individuals, we wait for the rest, until everyone within a sector has developed the character traits to finally live in an immortal society.

God does not make it rain. God made the machine that rains when it needs to rain and to be dry- when it needs to be dry. If man is unfortunate enough to get in the way of the natural workings of the machine, he might have to leave the earth prematurely but there is always another day.

There is nothing that we can do to God which would invoke God's wrath. There is no wrath in God, only love, even for the worst of us! It has crossed my mind to write several more Bible Myth articles in the near future.

Thanks and good luck on your journey-
J.S. Thompson

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