I would like to ask a few more questions about Solamenta and how you came upon this discovery. First, I would like to know if there are multiple universes that have diffrent forms of life? And if so, do these beings arrive in Solamenta like us or do they have their own form of Solamenta?

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Thanks- Excellent question!

In one regard there is only one universe but this one universe is broken up into sectors, so- as a practical matter we could define this as multiple universes. Either way the "same" law of physics applies to all whether referred to as sector or universe.

The universe is a machine that produces something, it has purpose! The universe produces a being capable of living as an immortal person. There are many beings in the universe and they may be primitive and they may be advanced depending on which evolutionary cycle they happen to be in, but physiologically speaking they are all the same. We are structured the way we are because it is the best way for us to experience life. The human body is the most advanced machine that exists and it cannot be improved on. The way we live, the way we die, the way we experience pain both emotionally and physically and the way we experience joy, love and happiness are all factors that are influenced by our physiology. This advanced machine we call a human body cannot be improved on but there are some there, who attempt it. I refer to these beings as AB's. The term Advanced beings in the way I use it is a misnomer, they do have very advanced technology as compared to ours but in the whole spectrum of things, they are still very primitive.

Consider where we are on the earth now, in terms of technological advancement. A few years from now, science will be standing on the doorstop of advanced technology. At that time, they are going to understand how other dimensions work and as this new science evolves, science will discover a few variables regarding our mortality. Eventually there will be some who will alter their physiology in order to prolong their lives. The problem that these advanced humans will discover is that they will gain something but they will also lose something and their science will be dedicated to trying to recover what they lost when they decided to attempt immortality. The greatest variable with regard to advanced technology is how to maintain humanity and be immortal at the same time- it is the ultimate dilemma and this dilemma can only be solved by understanding that the technology that allows us to be immortal has been around for a very long time, long before advanced beings and all of us were created.

All of us, whether AB or not, eventually die. AB's may live for a million or more years and we may live for 90 or so years but eventually, God gets us back and we just go back into the cycle of life and death until we have evolved enough individually to leave the cycle. With regard to Solamenta, we all have a place where we go when we leave the planet, when our time here is up. I look at this in terms of sectors and the reason I do this is because it helps me to understand something-.

We are all here to become those who have developed the strength and character to live in an immortal society. It doesn't matter whether we are here for 90 years or whether we alter our bodies and stay here for a million of more years; what really matters is what we learned while we were here on the earth, living in the cycle of life and death. What kind of a person are we when we "believe" that we might have to die forever and when the light goes out, it goes out eternally? What kind of person are we when we face pain and death; when we are desperate for answers and there doesn't appear to be any and we feel hopeless- how do we react to these stimuli? We are already immortal beings and we don't even know it!

When we leave the planet, we will find ourselves in a society where there are those who have been AB's, meaning those who lived underground on earth for a million years or so; and yet they also, go to the same place we go to when we leave the earth, Solamenta. These people are surprisingly just like us but why wouldn't they be? We have also lived for millions of years probably, billions and maybe even a lot longer. We have been around for a long time and we're normal (for the most part)!

Evolution is a very slow process. After all, how long does it take to make a machine into a human being? This is what we are doing here on the earth and out there, Solamenta; we are all learning how to become human. God created us in order for God to define itself however, this is a long tedious process but as we evolve toward God, God evolves toward us!

Great question!
J.S. Thompson

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  1. Barbara Bachmeier
    July 29, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    You said in this response to a question by a reader:

    “The human body is the most advanced machine that exists and it cannot be improved on.” ( I don’t know of a simple way to help you identify the writing so that you can see it in context).

    I’m wondering what your thought about transhumanism and post humanism is- the use of medicine and technology to enhance the human experience- and then also your thoughts about life and experiences in the light body- and do you consider the light body, a human body?

  2. August 4, 2016 at 5:49 pm

    J.S. Thompson’s Response:

    Your first question asks, “How did I come to make these discoveries”. That question has haunted me and although I’ve tried to answer it many times in several books, never finished, I still have problems explaining it. Sometimes I feel as though I have lone survivor syndrome… you know, why me! I’m not special, I’m not that good really, there are many more that are smarter, more righteous, good, etc. When I ask the question to my contacts out there, they tell me, I (me) don’t really know who I am. It’s true, I don’t really know who I am; maybe I am deserving and just don’t understand it. Anyway, I’m in contact, I’ve been in contact for many years. It began in a divination sort of way and just escalated. I’ve had so many OBE’s that I’ve asked those who do these for me to stop, unless they do it a certain way but their inclined not to listen to me, so I’ve told them to not do it anymore. I’m in contact whenever I desire but it is controlled. It used to not be controlled but it is now. See me as a blind man who sits at the town square and listens to everything that goes on around him, silently listening and learning. I think maybe I do this so well because I don’t stop with what I “want” to hear, I dig deeper and deeper….like a good journalist…I get the story!

    That being said: Yes, it is true, the human body is a master piece, it can’t be improved on, even with all of its perceived imperfections, they are all built in for effect. I wouldn’t count on other forms of life out there because evolution follows a singular path and so it all winds up at the same place. In other words, it doesn’t make any difference whether it’s here on or the other side of eternity; the same things happening here are happening there and there is not one part of the universe that isn’t advanced! There is no reason for us to travel to other planets outside of our solar system; it’s all the same there. The entire universe from eternity to eternity is an evolution machine and has been evolving since almost forever ago. How great must the technology of something that has been evolving since “almost forever ago” be?

    Physiologically speaking, we’re evolving but we also move from one end of the spectrum and then we move back again so we don’t really evolve physically outside of the spectrum. When I pose this question to my contacts out there, they don’t really know. They think logically and to them if we do evolve into something else, there must be a logical reason for it. This is a logical machine; we evolve within and from what they’ve seen; there is no logical reason for them to change dramatically. Actually they don’t evolve unless they choose to because they can manipulate their bodies but they do not care to get radical about it… they look human and they like being human. In a way, where these guys are, they are out of the cycle of evolution! They will be what they are forever.

    I can tell you a great deal about those guys who have wrap around black eyes and skinny bodies with no ears or noses and bald heads. There are a few varieties. I will say they are not my favorite people. All of them are on a wrong path and they have all made some pretty dumb choices. They’re looking for a stairway to paradise but they won’t find it, not the way their doing it.

    The term light body doesn’t mean anything to me. These are words that come from those who have had OBE’s. There is no light body only another human body. I know in an OBE, it feels like a light body but that’s not what’s happening. With regard to the use of drugs or other technologies that enhance the human experience. I’m not against doing whatever you have to do to get thru this life which can be painful from time to time but I think we need to be careful about what it is we mess with, we could be playing with fire. The human physiological mechanism is designed by a technology that has been evolving since almost forever ago; we need to be careful when we try to make it better. Making a better beast is what screwed up our little bald headed brothers and sisters with the wrap around black eyes. If something makes you feel good…do it; just don’t do it every day and certainly don’t do it if it lasts an eternity or something like that.

    With regard to our own earth society here; other dimensional technology is just around the corner. When I say that, it could be a hundred years or a thousand but in the whole context of time, its right around the corner. We follow the same evolutionary path of those who came before us and are still with us have followed. Some of us will choose to follow the path of our little space brethren, it is indeed a hellish path!

    I would like to make this point one more time; there are those of us who have not done a thing to our bodies, we were born this way; there is no greater technology. There are others who have altered their God given physiology in order to improve or get a jump on immortality that they already had. In other words, they took a perfect machine, screwed it up with a lessor machine and now they are desperately trying to get their original bodies back. Unfortunately for them, they will have to die first and then maybe. They are immortal but they can die and when they die, they are back in the cycle of life and death just like we are. It’s complicated but it’s interesting. Imagine living like these people do in their world, living on the radio like they do and then finding themselves thrust back into the cycle like we are now. /when they cycle back to earth, they are strange; not cool… just strange!

    I hope this answers your questions to some degree.
    Take care always…
    J.S. Thompson

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