If I am in such a large family, why do I feel so lonely?

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Our time here on earth is valuable… every second! Our joy, love, pain and even loneliness, all of it is valuable!

Why! Earth is somewhere we come for just a little while. Earth is a place where we learn the skills we must have in order to live in an immortal society. When we learn to master ourselves; not just in the good times, the love times, the joy times and the fun times but also in the painful times.

Thank God for the good times but also thank God for the bad. We learn so much more in the bad times. It is the bad times that challenge us, that make us stronger. It is in the bad times that God pushes through the doors we would not otherwise walk through. This is how we transform; this is how we eventually leave the cycle of life and death.

All us eventually need to learn to walk the path of greatest resistance; that is where the treasure is found. It takes character to find it and character is forged in fire. It doesn't just happen.

When we learn to thank God for the bad times as well as the good, God allows us to experience more of the bad. It is a hard lesson to learn but the sooner we learn it the quicker we find true peace, true fun, true joy and true love.

I hope this helps!

Good luck on your journey….
J.S. Thompson

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