“In my search for truth, I have read the views of many different religions in order to find common similarities between them. In some religions, there is the claim that we are simply a dream within the mind of God. Or that we are just the attempt of God to experience itself. Another concept that worries me is that eventually this dream of God will end and another will begin, so what happens to us as individuals if this is true? Where do these concepts come from and is there any underlying truth in them? I would hope not, because I feel that if it is all just supposed to end then what is the point of loving and experiencing if it will all be ripped away from us eventually? “

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I have discovered in my quest for God that we are not a dream. Now with regard to your second point, I do concur; however, we are much more than an "attempt" by God to experience itself but are part of a perpetual motion machine, the universe, which does allow God to experience itself. It is an evolutionary process not just for us but for God as well. As we evolve towards God, God is evolving toward us.

We are immortal and we will always be immortal; however, our ability to live within an immortal society will not happen until we have developed the strength of character to do so. This is what we come to earth to do. Earth is a place where immortal (extremely technologically advanced) people come to learn how to be humane.

You are absolutely right; everything in the universe follows a path of logic. Nothing ever dies in this universe and neither do we and all of our experiences; including all of our love, go with us from this life to the next.

I appreciate your question and good luck in your immortal journey toward God-
J.S. Thompson

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