In regards to suicide, what is usually the process and is there any differentiating consequences then in which dying by more natural means, or not by your own accord?I found one excerpt from a question interesting in which you said people from “solamenta” who have made quite a mess in their life there would be more probable to volunteer to reincarnate to Earth. Does that mean people who have made a mess of their life here on Earth, or are plagued by some terminal illness, can escape to solamenta in a sense?

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To clarify what I wrote in an earlier comment- it is those out there, "Solamenta"- who make a mess of their lives "out here" Solamenta. One of the most difficult things that people here do not understand about "out there" is its similarity to here on the earth. People Solamenta can make a mess of their lives out there just like people can make a mess of their lives here and when they do, the best way for them to attempt to reconcile their lives once again is to start over and this is done by volunteering to be born again to the earth. Volunteering to be born again is not necessarily desired but important. We can't have true immortality, if we don't overcome the challenges that give us the wisdom, strength and character to live in an immortal eternal community.

Here on the earth, we look to a new life out there, Solamenta for new hope when we die. Out there, it is the same process to come to earth. However, those that come to earth are not all those who are looking for a new beginning. While out there, Solamenta, we are under authority and we are sent back for a variety of reasons. Most all, are sent back here to develop the characteristics that will allow us to leave the cycle of life and death ("Christa Solamenta"- this is word which means in its simplest format-"here and there").

Suicide is done when all hope is lost but when we consider all hope lost; we are listening to the wrong voice. To think that all hope is lost is a lie and we should not listen to it. There are no short cuts to immortality. When we commit suicide, we just pick up where we left off and we do it again.

A suicide does not leave the earth renewed. A suicide is confronted with the exact same feelings of depression out there as they had on the earth; therefore, nothing is gained but there is valuable time lost. Those challenges that depressed us were put in our paths by our guides, to be overcome, not to have victory over us!

So if one of our challenges on the earth gets the better of us- we do not get out of it and it will be there for us to overcome another time! Suicides are often given intense counseling and sent back down for another life as soon as they are ready. (Note: When a person is in intense irreversible pain, there is consolation given; however, we need to be careful when we decide to end our life no matter what the circumstances!)

It's interesting to note, that there are many more people out there Solamenta than there are here on the earth and one can't just come back when they want to. They have to wait for their turn. Our life here on the earth is like a college education. Going to school isn't the most pleasant thing in the world but it is sure good when we finish!

This was a great question!

Good luck on your journey-
J.S. Thompson

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