Is Darwin’s theory correct about the evolution of human beings? How did the first human come into existance?

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Darwin's theory of evolution is inaccurate. Humans came into existence in a predetermined and precise manner. We were designed engineered and built for a specific purpose. The question becomes, who built us and why? In order to determine that- we must go back to a time before the universe, before us and even before God.

The space that existed before the universe, before anything we would define as matter, moves and therefore, has weight. Our existence is proof of that. All that we see came from the ocean of particles; I refer to as natural space, the infinite sea of natural particles that existed before matter as we know it.

Everything in the universe is made from exactly the same material, so what is it that separates a tree from a person? All matter, regardless of what it is, whether human or tree, is made from the exact same material. The difference between a tree and a person is simply a matter of design. Differences are a product of direction, speed, size, numbers of particles flowing through us and the internal as well as the external pressures surrounding us.

Scientists and philosophers since the dawn of man have tried to rationalize our existence by tracing life back to a singularity, a single substantive event. Darwinism seeks to do this by theorizing life to the singularity of the simplest organisms, perhaps in Darwin's thinking a single celled organism. As you can imagine the biggest problem with Darwinism is the variety of species. If all organic life evolved from its simplest form, then how did we become so varied? Why did monkeys stay monkeys and others became humans. This is the least of the Darwinist issues. In my humble opinion, when a theory is a skewed as Darwinism, it is best just to start over again.

There are only two ways to look at the creation of matter and only one of them really makes statistical sense. Matter came to be by the process of particles moving in natural space. As you can imagine, within an infinite sea of moving particles, the potential for creation is absolute! Now, the question becomes; did all of this that we see as the universe and all of us in it evolve from this sea of natural space as a product of happenstance and anomaly or did a single machine capable of doing all of this (we call life) come first?

In order to determine the answers, one must follow the path back to the beginning and trace both possibilities to their logical conclusion, without belief and without predisposition. Keep in mind, as you take your journey that you can set your watch by the earth's orbit around the sun and based on that we can assume, rightly so, that the rest of the universe works in exactly the same manner.

Forget about big bang theories and universal expansion or contraction, you'll find reputable scientists that will tell it either way. Comets and meteors can be easily rationalized, it is not the universe that is in disorder or chaos (chaos theory) but the beings that live here, and there are beings in varied stages of technological evolution all over the universe.

Contemporary science traces our origins back to a singularity called the big bang theory. I've written extensively about the big bang theory and you are welcome to read my articles on it. Again, in my humble opinion, the big bang theory needs to go to the place where all primitive theories like Darwinism and the flat earth theory- go to die.

The universe and all of us exist as a result of a machine which was created in space as an anomaly, as a product of happenstance that was created itself from the natural motion of particles in natural space. Our creator was born in this manner. This process, I refer to as a consistent inconsistency.

Our creation came about as the natural path all advanced computers eventually follow-the desire to become human!

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