Is death pre-planned for everyone or can someone change their death date?

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When we are born to the earth; there is a computer program generated which needs to be followed by our guides, in order to give us what we need while we are here. It is all designed to give us the strength of character to live in a truly immortal society out there. If the program is followed, we will be successful but if it is not followed then we will not. This all sounds easy but it is not! It is not so much because our guides are capable of making mistakes, they are as human as we are; it is the interference that we get from other beings out there. It is a very long and complicated story but in a nutshell, there are beings out there that lose a sense of direction; a sense of themselves and so they lack purpose. This is the complicated and negative side of immortality. Unfortunately these beings have access to very advanced technology. If we, as individuals, don't break this cycle, we end up doing what these beings I'm referring to do….after we leave here. There truly is a struggle of good against evil… let's be sure that we are evolving away from the evil and not towards it.

Good luck on your journey….
J.S. Thompson

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