Is it possible that lust is hurting me and how do I resolve the issue of lust?

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Our lives here on the earth serve to help us have mastery over ourselves. It is necessary to master our emotions in order to become the type of people capable of living in an eternal community. It is the challenges of our lives, here on the earth, both our victories and our defeats which give us these strengths!

Sexual intercourse serves many purposes; to bring new lives into the earth realm in order for them to have the experiences they need to evolve; to deepen our appreciation for the one we are in a relationship with and to help us understand that our selfish desires will always lead us in the wrong direction.

When we leave the planet and after we have learned to have mastery of ourselves- we are truly ready to have a relationship, an eternal relationship and yes, sexual intercourse will be a big part of that relationship. With regard to lust; taking command of our emotions is not unlike many challenges we face here on the earth such as getting into shape or stopping any bad habit. The misuse of sex is as deplorable as any mistake we can make here on the earth. Understand that when we misuse something, anything, or when we step outside of a boundary, it causes conflict within us. We harm ourselves and those around us, when we allow this to happen.

Respect yourself, never do anything you don't want to see later because everything we say, do and think is recorded and documented and so when we leave the earth, we will see ourselves doing these things that have hurt us and those around us.

Every day, we have an opportunity to begin again. When it is all said and done- it is not about whom we were but who we are. Today is a great day to begin the journey that leads to God and immortality!

Many Blessings and Good Luck on your journey!
J.S. Thompson

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