Is our solar system a binary star system and was this planet (earth) colonized or did life evolve here naturally?

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No, our solar system is not a binary system. In fact, the term binary system is a general term used in science to describe two stars that orbit around a common body. The irony of this is that stars are so far away from one another and from us that the stars we refer to as binary might be further away from each other than they are from us.

All of us came from this planet; we all evolved here. All of those beings that are seen from time to time in saucer shaped craft- all evolved here on the earth as well, with few exceptions. I don't care how advanced the society is, going from one star system to another is a serious commitment. Any scientist that has considered these beings justifies their existence by first, rationalizing that they came from somewhere else and did so, flying at great speeds through wormholes and other undefined light speed space warps and time dilation, etc. None of these things exist. Anyone from an advanced society that wanted to come to earth from another star system would have to do it old school. It would take years and years to make the trip even if craft could fly at, or even faster than light.

Great question- good luck on your journey!
J.S. Thompson

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