Is there a punishment/treatment for souls that are consistenly destructive or evil?

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Yes… there is punishment for all crimes whether we realized it when we committed the crime or not. Anytime we take something from someone, it must be returned to them with interest at some point in our eternal lives. We get away with absolutely nothing! Everything we do think and say is documented and recorded so there is never a doubt that we committed a crime against another person or persons. As a matter of protocol, most of the crimes we commit are settled out there by our guides; however heinous crimes are not easily settled and the perpetrators are isolated after they die from the earth. Out there, while in isolation, they have opportunities to redeem themselves and rejoin the community but generally this gets a lot worse before it gets better. Isolation out there evolves into a virtual mental hell in time. No one is damned eternally; everyone eventual straightens out but often they are allowed to fall as far as they can go. This process allows those who are so inclined to follow this path… an opportunity to see themselves for who they truly are and so make the transformative changes necessary for them to live in an immortal community.

For additional information on this subject matter, I just recently wrote an article, “Criminals and Punishment in the Afterlife”. I have inserted the link below if you have any further interest….

Thanks for the questions and good luck on your journey….
J.S. Thompson

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