Is there life after death?

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It might be better to say that there is no death at all. Death is an illusion! It is a very carefully planned illusion and it is done in this way for a very specific reason. We are here on the earth to learn and we do not learn well if we can not hear well. When I refer to hearing, I am referring to the ability to hear God speak to us from within as God does. We come to the earth for a short period of time to attempt to hear God say to us, "Listen to me, do not hear those that you hear with your human ears- learn to hear me from within". While we are on the earth, we have the opportunity to hear each other or, to hear God tell us to go here or to go there and to do this or that. Many of us, instead of listening to God- hear & listen to one another blind like ourselves- to say to go here or there or, to do this or that. God gives us the opportunity to hear her telling us how to live in Paradise or she allows us the freedom to hear another tell us to go here or there or, to do this or that. When we listen to God and not to one another, she guides us down the righteous path of our own individual evolution in becoming the type of person that can live in Paradise. This may be difficult to understand... but God will also facilitate our walk towards hell when we hear and follow one another speaking false truths and following a path of self-righteousness.

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