looking at your site you clearly do not understand God or his word! For one when the bible speaks God it is always as male not female. I think you are one of many that has been decived by the Demon’s during meditation.Praticaly all your are far from Gods truth. Shocking really when i think of how many people that may have belived you!How can you even belive in reincarnation, as the bible clearly tells us that once we die we are then in a deep sleep untll judgment day, so that also takes care of another stupid idea that there are ghosts, its not posible as the dead do not hear, see your move! They do not go to heaven or hell eaither untill judgement day. Dont you thinkit would be rather cruel if God made it so that the dead could see their living loved one’s struggling or in pain and sorrow and not be able to do anything???I am interested to see what you belive to be the mark of the beast????But i think i might already know your answer?I think you need to change your tailerd made to suit you ideas and look at what the true word of God has to say for he has all the truth writen in the bible. I hope , well prey that you take anther look at how you see things and come to the true manying of Gods truth. Amen Kind regards

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Thank you for your concern!

I appreciate your statement and would ask you to read my Bible myth series. This will give you more insight into where the bible came from and how it was written. I contend that when we believe anything intractably, the journey toward truth ends for us. When we believe, we plant the flag of victory at the base of the mountain short of the summit, and call it paradise. The bible is a collection of ancient myths, beliefs and philosophies written by even more ancient people, often channeled and more often than not convoluted and manipulated by those in power such, as Constantine, in order to maintain control over those he ruled.

Books of faith are often a compromise between those who hold power and those who desire it. That's not to say that much of what's written in the bible is not inspired. Some of it is inspired and some of it is not! Much of the bible is man's attempt to explain their existence and subsequent relationship to a creator. A sincere quest for truth is a journey towards God resulting in eternal victory over death.

Wisdom did not end in ancient times. Logically, wisdom is more likely found now because as knowledge increases so does our ability to be logical! We seek truth in antiquity because it is safe, it can be manipulated and the fantasy belief of truth is safer than the reality of truth.

Self-deceit will not give us the wisdom to leave the cycle of life and death: No, only overcoming the challenges that God has placed in our paths, will give us the strength we need to become the type of people that can live in an eternal community. It is the resistance of life that eventually makes us strong enough to leave the cycle of life and death. Redemption does not occur by magic, books, symbols or professions of faith but rather by our own effort. There are no short cuts to heaven!

Good luck in your journey-
J.S. Thompson

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