Many people claim to see orbs. Also, many near death experiencers see orbs or are even transformed into one. What is your oppinion on this?

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I don't know what this is that you make reference to. In an OBE that I experienced, I found myself suspended in space surrounded by gold shiny orbs. I even grabbed on and examined it for a few seconds. After looking at it, I threw it down below my feet where it stopped suspended in space. While I looked down, I noticed these orbs spiraling down below me- what appeared to be millions of them. Since then, I have never seen another orb. I don't know what they are and any attempt to explain them in the context in which I saw them would be purely speculative.

I do know this, that OBE's are staged and very symbolic. The barrier between our short life on the earth and our often temporarily immortal life "out there", is strictly adhered to. Being able to break the code of life on the earth and our life's out there is a well-kept secret, enforced by computer. Our guides are always giving us hints within boundaries but they can never come out and tell us what the mystery is. In this way our ability to use logic which helps us to develop the character, allowing us to live in a permanent immortal society, can evolve.

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