My aunt passed away in October from cancer. I was told that she stayed on earth 3 weeks after her passing because she felt as if she had “unfinished business.” Is there a way for me to make contact with her now that she has crossed over?

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When we leave the earth, we all leave with unresolved issues. However, we do not stay around. When we pass, we are transported to the place where we are supposed to go. This takes place in a few seconds after we leave. That being said, everyone that leaves the earth has already crossed over but our loved ones do hear us in a way. All of our prayers and well wishes and all of our conversations with those who have left are heard and responded to in the way that they communicate with us. Talk to your Aunt and pray for her as well as your guides….they love for us to appreciate what they have done or what they do for us.

Good luck on your journey…..
J.S. Thompson

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