Love is my question, not romatic love, but love of self, all beings and God. I get the thought but not the feeling. How can I express love in my everyday life?

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Thanks for the great question!

For those who learn how to truly love, theirs is the kingdom of heaven. This is a word I use to express what real love is, "selfish righteousness" not “self-right righteousness”. Selfish righteousness means that we do for others because it is in our own eternal best interest to do so.

When one sees the universe as a place that needs to change in order to be paradise for every one and one is willing to change themselves, then the balance tilts by one person to the positive. God loves us all equally, good and bad but God uses the righteous to teach the wicked. God says to us all… climb the mountain… then go back to the bottom and bring my children home! Climbing the mountain is difficult but going back down to help those who do not hear is sacrifice! However, we do this for ourselves because we cannot have paradise if they are not in it. "Selfish righteousness"! The message of God is love! Not love as most of us see it but love that moves us from desire that benefits no one but ourselves… to a love that seeks to make the universe a better place because we exist.

Good luck on your journey…
J.S. Thompson

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