Reading the prophecy section, reminded me of a dream I had few months back. The image I remember being of A map primarily focused on America, it was nearly all flooded except for some areas such as Kansas in the mid, Australia was covered as well except for the center. So many dreams to sort out in my head.

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In the way that I do it, I've seen the same thing and people have been seeing this for hundreds of years. It’s going to happen one day but not necessarily in our life time; although it might. It's good to keep our eyes and ears open so that if we are ever in danger from any threat, we can attempt to make our way to safety. We're all going to leave the planet one day anyway but we should do the best we can to preserve our lives honorably while we are here, because our short time here is of great importance and we need to take as much with us there as we possibly can.

When people first make contact with the other side, so to speak, one of the first things they do is to start repeating what they are hearing and seeing there. I'm no different but our present is our primary concern. We need to learn all we can. We need to be aware of what is going on around us but there is one thing that is always certain; we might know what is going to happen but no one knows the time. There are reasons for this. Even our friends (and other)" out there" don't always know the time things are going to happen, even though they have technology that knows a great deal. So, do your best to live "in the now" but your keep your ear close to the ground, just in case!

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