Thank you for your responses, I feel I can learn allot from the dialogue. You do seem to have a beginner’s understanding of Existential, Cognitive, and Psychodynamic Psychology, with possible a moderate level of understanding of the theories Quantum Physics etc.; Do keep in mind- in reality you are the “experiencer”, though consciousness is an aspect of the technologies of creation- consciousness does not experience – awareness is not enough to accomplish experience- if you clear your mind before answering, and release all energies of the “negative system” your answers will be more relevant. I like your metaphors and efforts to describe what our current programming is unable to define more succinctly. When I facilitate, I often use the metaphor of the avatar that is created by the player of a video game to make some of the same points. Anyway, you seem quite adamant that all that is in awareness can be observed and measured- Your previous answer re: Orbes is not congruent with this paradigm. “For me, who knows if these things are real; it is a good explanation when all else is ruled out. That being said, there is no other scientific proof for them, that I am aware of but my explanation is accurate. ” (the sentence itseelf contradicts itself). The fact is, today’s scientists should know what these are, and where they are coming from, and if we are making them, they are an effect of the stuff we are throwing out into space, or they are extraterrestrials (whether from this dimension of from another). What we know is that if something is observable, then it is measurable- and these are obviously “observed”,The scientific community considers anything that is observable and measurable to be real. So, the Orbs are real. You are the second person (other than people on tv) who feel strongly that they are inter-dimensional craft. Kind of like Ancient Aliens’ “Watcher’s Theory”. I happen to believe, with nothing to support my claims (admittedly), that the scientific community associated with our governments do exactly what these are. What I cannot understand is why the information gathered, whatever it is, is not shared with the public; or if the phenomenon is created by us and is an effect of our own technology, why wont they tell us. Anyway, your disappointment in hearing that I want to “graduate” from being hu-man-being, triggered me to take another look- but I am really ready to give up the programming of the negative programming that is required for a human being to be human by definition. After contemplating yoru response, and taking a second look to see if I could be happy experiencing the human condition forever, I decided, no. The experiencer that I am, would like to be hu-being (breath of god/consciousness-combine with being-the experiencer. but not the “man” part. (man embraces male and female). Yes, I like experiencing creating, I like experiencing a co-created identity that results in a sense of self- but I dont like being slave to a lower nature, and having a very good understanding of how dark a human being can become, i’m ready in my heart to “graduate” from that. So, yes, I am still frustrated, and wish I were not part of the “hu-man-race”. I still love humans and care for them. I have made a commitment to serve them and help them and minister to them. But I am tired of being one of them. Its nice that as you have explained, hu-man-being are sooooo superior with superior technology etc… but I dont really have a need to be superior or to be associated wit the “superior” being. I would be willing to sacrifice being counted among the superior race to be released from the negative system that include darkness, evil, chaos..the bad and the ugly. There are those of the school of thought who would say you cannot have a created world to experience in if you do not have both light and darkness, the negative and the positive, but I do not believe this, I believe that there is a world created where beings can exist and experience without participation in the negative system. What do you think?

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J.S. Thompson’s Response:

First, let me say that everyone’s understanding of psychology/ physics/ all contemporary science, is primitive. That being said my interpretation is just as valid as anyone else's, seeing that all things science are on the table for discussion. Contemporary science doesn’t “know” much about anything. We know that if you do “A”…”B” happens and everything else is theory, heat, electrical, particle etc. What I write… I write from personal experience, which within itself is difficult to define to those who have no understanding of how it is I get the information I get. Over the years, I’ve tried many techniques to communicate what I “know”. However, when you tell someone what you know, they instantly feel that they are being left out, their egos are hurt and they reject the information. Most of the writers that you see on ancient aliens know more than they say for this very reason. When they communicate, they always begin, “I believe”, or end with “what if it were true”. I can’t help but believe that some of these guys have to some degree experienced what I have or at least, have had personal conversations with someone that knows something.

You bring up the article where I talked about orbs. I know what orbs are. However, if I don’t make a question out of it, if I don’t leave something to the reader to determine for them given the logic I’ve presented as speculation, then they will not learn. In short, it is a writing technique and I don’t write just for my own entertainment, I expect what I write to be read. I also presented the other side of the equation, when I shared that I had experienced these things in the way that I do. You can’t please everyone! I don’t know what the government knows about orbs, if they know anything at all, it isn’t being shared with the public. Other than what I know from my personal experiences, there is nothing written that gives any confirmation regarding orbs. I know many things that I have personally experienced but I can’t make you know it. I can only present what I know in the most logical format I can and hope that it is enough to help put all of this together; which is what we are allied to do, in my humble opinion!

You ask, why is it, if the government knows some things, why is it that they don’t share it with the public. I’ve written a piece or two explaining this; but the reason they don’t sort of sums up the human condition; our desire for power, generally over rules our desire to evolve. There is nothing that makes someone feel more important or powerful or superior than a secret. The government does know some things but they don’t know very much. What they do know however, is a great deal more than the general public knows.

Regarding your desire to stop becoming human; we are war we and we will continue to be that until we are ready to move on. These decisions are not necessarily made by us. We live within a machine, an evolution machine that moves us on when we are ready to be moved. Granted when this happens is a matter of free will but we are all captives within the boundaries of physics and thus, “the machine”. Certainly our desire to move forward is noteworthy but “transformation” is how we evolve. Transformation is what we’ve been trying to achieve all these many years here on the earth and out there as we cycle back and forth. Obviously, transformation is a difficult thing to do.

I’m not really sure what you’re talking about when you refer to I assume something I’ve written where it was said that human beings are superior. I never said that. Maybe you took that out of context. Anyway, we are not superior, maybe I was referring to divine beings but even then, they do not see themselves as superior, it’s probably just a poor way of describing something very difficult to describe, maybe you can write me back and tell me where you read that. Yes, more than anyone, divine beings understand that that we are all part of the machine and “but by the grace of God go I.” We all get there; it is just a matter of time before we do move on to the next objective.

The negativity that you describe is real and it is something all of us want to get away from and we all will someday but it has a purpose for evolving beings such as ourselves. Once we understand how all of this came to be, we understand that we are in a world of our own making, yes, a world of “our” making. It is when we decide to separate ourselves from the rest… that we transform and move to a community where this negativity is no longer present.

All of the evil, negativity and so forth are necessary for our continued growth; it is in fact a perfect system, an evolution machine. It will let us go when we are ready to go. I think you would be very surprised to discover where that darkness comes from and how it happens. Maybe another question?

Is there a place where a being can experience peace, love and eternal fulfillment? Yes there is! However, when we arrive at that place, we voluntarily go back to help the others.

Hope this helps!
J.S. Thompson