There have been a lot of suicides lately. Why is this? Is it just that these people have lost it or could it be something more?

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I didn't know that suicides were up; but the reasons for suicide are generally about unfulfilled goals or desires. There is a conflict which rages inside of each and every one of us. We often interpret this conflict and its resolution in terms of what we "believe" we want. Sometimes we get what we believe we want but the conflict continues… we pursue other desires in hope of stopping the internal pain we are feeling which is associated with the conflict. A person who kills them self has given up hope for their earthly lives and sees anything else as better.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Our earth lives are valuable! Rich or poor, in love or not, what we learn here we carry with us into eternity!

Society is evolving and it is not evolving in a positive direction. This is however, a normal social cycle. Logically, this transition would result in more people feeling hopeless and so, more suicides. What happens here on the earth begins "out there". Earth society mirrors society out there. It's unfortunate that people do not learn from history and do not understand these social cycles but even more importantly…. that we should never identify ourselves with society at all. We are individuals and as hard as we try to trivialize ourselves by seeing ourselves as part of society, this is a destructive generalization. When we do not see ourselves as those who have great value; when we do not see ourselves through the eyes of God, as eternally valuable, then we "allow ourselves" to rise and fall with society and the social cycle.

We came into this world with conflict; it is there to push us forward, to help us to break through the shell of ignorance. We have to fight for knowledge but this is an internal struggle. Earth is a great place to do this but success is a matter of choice.

People tend to follow the path of least resistance and not even to consider the path of greatest resistance. However, we will find ourselves here in the cycle of life and death over and over and over until we do finally see ourselves as those who are responsible for our own choices and when we do, we finally start to make positive changes in ourselves.

Suicide doesn't change anything. We find ourselves in the next world with the same anxieties, pressures, pain and disappointment that we had here on the earth. We need to take a stand, learn what we need to learn, see our earth lives as infinitely important and make this our last trip.

Thanks for your question…
J.S. Thompson

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