Was there ever life anywhere else before earth? Were we put here because the other planet was dying? Is there life out in space on a different planet NOW and if so are they like us?

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The universe is filled with beings. We have all been here since the beginning which is so long ago that that there is to a number that can accurately describe how long we have been here, cycling back and forth. The advanced technology that allows this has also been there since, for all practical intents and purposes, "the beginning".

Are the other beings in the universe just like us? Yes. The human form is the most advanced vehicle for humans to experience the façade of mortality and so we are the same all over the universe. I would like to point out, that many beings do alter their human physiology in order to do certain things associated with advanced technology but there are also others who are even more advanced who do not but rather look and are completely human in all respects.

We, who are here on the earth or those who are on other earth planets throughout the universe are a vast minority when compared to the beings that exist. Most of us live on orbital planets or on artificial planets all over space, mostly in other dimensions. This dimension we live in, what I refer to as the earth dimension, exists for one primary purpose; for beings to experience the façade of mortality. The earth experience, is an extremely and guarded aspect of our life cycle. This is why we are so closely monitored and why the secret of our immortality is so closely kept. It is us here on the earth today but it will be them tomorrow. So their diligence is greatly appreciated. If they hope to have a good earth experience when it is their time to return they would be wise to make sure they do the same with us but as we discussed in your other questions, this is not always the case.

I appreciate your question….
J.S. Thompson

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