Watching Huff Paranormal and it dawned on me that the portals he’s creating are opening up dimensions. Allowing more and more communication. Do you think that it is possible to communicate with another place. Let’s say a billion light years away or something? What are your thoughts on his work?

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J.S. Thompson’s Response:

Great question!

It’s not only possible to communicate with other dimensions, it is done all of the time and those communications don't come from billions of miles away, they come from within our own solar system. Other dimensions are solar systems just like our own and they are attached and interwoven with our own. We see the sun but what we don't see are the many other dimensional suns attached to our sun, earth, other planets… etc. All matter is constructed like this. Even our human bodies are other dimensional. As far as someone creating portals; it’s not necessary. Our universe was constructed a long time ago and everything is already there for it to do what it does.

I do believe that communication will happen more in the future but this will come about as a result of media more than anything. The more we read or see it on TV, the more it will be done.

Never stop asking questions and always, remain open to hearing.

Good luck on your journey….
J.S. Thompson