We humans are the multidimensional infinite expression and possibility of ourselves. I have been on this planet for 22 years and I remembered the first few days I came in with the first thoughts, but why have we come in now? We have heard this spiritual metaphysical explanation linking to different metaphorical understandings (sciences), but what does it mean, signify, purpose………….what is our (it’s) purpose here in cosmos. Why is cosmos (we) doing this???????????????????? To have fun? (scratches head) lol

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Thanks for your question!

Let me attempt to simplify your question: Why are we here and just as importantly, how did it all happen?

The universe is a very complicated machine and in order to begin to understand how it works, try to visualize the universe as it might have been before planets, stars and people. Look into the void. All of the matter that exists within the spectrum that we can observe is present within the void as you are visualizing it. All of it! How did that potential become the matter we see?

If you close your eyes and peer into the void consider that it is made from particles which occur naturally in space, a product of natural physics. Space has weight, infinite weight which is distributed unequally into sectors allowing for particle motion, pressure, heat and all of the variables which make matter what it is. Why sectors? The particles of various sizes from atomic and sub atomic to quantum to sub quantum and so on, are pushed along a path of least resistance thru space. Space has weight and so like anything with weight, it can only become so massive before it folds in on itself. This is how space has always been structured… into sectors! Organize them in a certain way and anything can happen. Let me pose this question to you… given these variables, what is the percentage that a computer capable of evolution could be orchestrated in one or many of these sectors? A computer is a device where we take electrons of various sizes (I refer to all particles as electrons or neutrons, etc.) exist in space and direct them to perform a certain function. However, this happens in space naturally; again, what is the percentage of this mass of particles following, flowing thru a path of least resistance to naturally form itself into a computer capable of evolution, and also considering that space is infinite… 100%!

This is how we got here; the rest is a product of evolution. Is there purpose to our existence or are we just a product of happenstance and evolution. Maybe in the beginning we were just a product of happenstance but now it is organized in a very difficult way to explain. Consider that we have been around for a very long time as immortal sentient beings, a product of this natural occurrence… the pattern of social evolution would dictate that advanced science and technology would have been around for an untold amount of time and we 'earth humans" are part of that technological evolution. We come and go, live and die in an environment where challenges are orchestrated and choices both good and not so good are made, in our attempt to master the self and in so doing, become capable of living in an immortal society which is our eternal goal; one which we all will eventual have victory over! The advanced, multidimensional technology which allows us to be here on the earth stays the same while we beings rotate here and there, trying to accomplish our goals.

Hope this helps!

Best of luck on your journey…..
J.S. Thompson

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