What is an easy but effective meditation practice for a newbie?

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Meditation is another word for listening. It's good for us to take some time to center ourselves, to step back from stress and anxiety for a period of time and just listen to what is happening inside of us. There are no hard and fast rules about meditation. You need a quite place, where you know you can spend some time with yourself without interruption, the quieter the better.

When we meditate, whether we know it or not, we are communicating with our guides who are very happy to have you try to see them. Your guides live for these moments and they will do their part but you have to do yours.

Meditation is telepathic communication and if you understand what is really happening, it makes the experience a lot more interesting and productive.

You have to understand the level or advanced technology that exists out there. Advanced technology is how we get from here to there in the blinking of an eye. We, all of us have been around for a very, very, long time and there is a good reason why we live lives on the earth and furthermore why we are blind, for the most part, to what is happening out there. We all become acutely aware of the amazing advanced technology that exists "there" as soon as we leave the planet, when our time here is over and for some, long before.

That being said, the communication that takes place between us and our guides during meditation is very controlled. Your guides' pre record their sessions to make sure they don't make any mistakes. In other words, your guides use a very advanced computer, which has the ability to look into the future; this is done by statistical analysis. They see you in the future attempting to communicate with them and then they interact with the tape, edit and then wait for you to actually do the meditation.

They want to tell you "everything" but mostly they want you to become the type of person that can live in Paradise forever. That is what all of our earth lives and our time out there has been about all these many millennia. God actually does have a plan and we all need to completely understand the plan. This is why we meditate!

Begin meditation by going to your meditation place, close your eyes; "see yourself" sitting on a large area carpet. Across from you will be a woman. She looks to be about 18, very pretty with long dark hair, dark eyes, wearing a white, very classy dress. When you first see her, she will be sitting right across from you within touching distance-.her right hand will be to her side and her left hand will be over her heart.

The thing about telepathy of this nature is that "you" can interfere with the tape-so allow her to do what she will do. This is the part of meditation that needs to be practiced over and over again. When we meditate allow the tape to play without interfering. Allow her to make a motion with her left hand. She is going to try to tell you something with her hand- she is holding something in her hand. What is it that she is holding? Meet with this person often. She knows you very well-.who is she?

Good luck and let me know how you are doing-

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