What was King David’s secret chord?

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This is a symbolic term which I believe means pleasing to God. So, it is not so much a matter of a specific chord like c major but rather what the writer who wrote it meant it to be. David, danced, sang and played before the lord and this was pleasing to God. Keep in mind that when we read the bible, we are reading ancient accounts of even more ancient accounts. As you can imagine, a great deal has been lost in the translation over time.

Where there is smoke there is fire and so the bible has great meaning but only on a very conceptual level. The details of such an ancient book are there to be translated and retranslated by writers, spiritualists and philosophers…some with righteous intent and others like many writers are contented only to be accepted by the reader.

A truth seeker does not look outside of themselves for truth but rather inside, where-in all truth resides for those who are committed to find it.

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